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DataBroker DAO Updates the Platform As the Token Distribution Event Is Currently Live

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
DataBroker DAO Updates the Platform As the Token Distribution Event Is Currently Live
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The DataBroker DAO team has updated the revolutionary data exchange platform as its DTX’s private distribution event has begun.

In today’s world of online, huge caches of data are to be found. Most of the data generated is disregarded, since conveying information is only a part of the devices’ capabilities. Even if the data gathered by the devices is fully utilized, the narrow operations and intentions of the device and manufacturers make the data one-dimensional and largely defunct.

Having understood that data generated by IoT smart devices is utilized for a single purpose by owners and device manufacturers, the DataBroker DAO team has come to the development of a revolutionary platform. Users and owners of devices, manufacturers and third party services curently possess the data in isolated silos. With the DAO platform, they can sell their data to different firms and organizations that can find other uses of the data. Potential buyers include big data processors, wireless network owners, other manufacturers, city government, agricultural sector and academics.

Even the smallest of sensor-enabled devices, such as smartphones, can collect data usable for organizations that are not linked with the telephony industry. City planners can purchase data to find out the average physical activity of the people within their jurisdiction, enabling better planning in recreational and logistical activities. Marketing companies may find the data useful to understand where most people congregate during specific hours, helping them define a better advertising campaign and so on.

DataBroker DAO, as a data exchange platform, connects data possessors and buyers. Rather than hunt for data, firms willing to pay for authentic data can simply buy it from individuals and organizations willing to sell their data. Based on Blockchain technology, DataBroker DAO ensures that the data exchanged is not visible to other prying eyes though the secure nature of decentralization.

Interactions between sellers and buyers, a good user interface and the quality of service and data is what makes any service great. DataBroker DAO team has redesigned the platform from scratch, giving all of these attributes to it. DataBroker DAO has also released a DApp for users to discover sensor sets and search for the type of data they require.The platform has already started a Discovery Release, where sensors from different cities of Belgium are connected to the platform, allowing for data to be purchased.

The update to the platform is in perfect timing with the start of its internal token sale, the DTX’s private distribution event, which is currently live. DTX wil be the only mean of transacting on the platform, allowing buyers to acquire data from sellers. The event for the ERC20 compliant token has started on 19 March, 2018. Backers can purchase DTX with Ethereum at 1 ETH = 4000 DTX. The private event carries a further 50% bonus for all early backers. A minimum of 10 ETH is required to become a backer for the platform during the primary token sale event.

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