Decentralized Multi-Tasking Messenger e-Chat Prolongs ICO till March 1, Manage to Invest

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Decentralized Multi-Tasking Messenger e-Chat Prolongs ICO till March 1, Manage to Invest
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The decentralized messenger e-Chat prolonged ICO till March 1. After that, the e-Chat Ethereum fork may be launched.

According to the decision made by the e-Chat management team, the main round of ICO is extended until March 1, 2018. It is determined by some reasons.

Firstly, the e-Chat team is still hesitant about the e-Chat Ethereum fork that might take place after the ICO. E-Chat has started a poll where all users are able to vote for the fork or against it. Time till the end of ICO will be enough to make the final decision, and the team will have a better vision of the startup, which is very important for the further development.

Secondly, the team is actively trying to enlist ECHT on various Exchange platforms, which is essential to let the users trade ECHT as soon as the ICO is over.

Furthermore, e-Chat messaging platform is very close to adopting Smart Contract technology. The technical side is taken very seriously.

e-Chat is the world’s first decentralized messenger that provides maximum privacy to its users. E-Chat combines the features of a classic messenger and multi-currency crypto-wallet. The app offers such opportunities as anonymous communication, communication channel for your business, monetization of author’s content, and others.

According to the app’s white paper, e-Chat is based on the principles of anonymity, confidentiality, security. It protects against wiretapping and blocking.

All the main functions of e-Chat are absolutely free. Payment is charged only for additional opportunities associated with infrastructure costs (data storage on IPFS nodes for more than 30 days) and access to the copyright content of other users.

The app is highly appreciated by millions of users worldwide. The project found resonance and is actively discussed online by famous celebrities, followers, and community. e-Chat app keeps receiving newcomers and the total amount of downloads exceeds 500K.

E-Chat is mentioned by such publication giants as Forbes, Huffington Post, Cointegrated, Inc., Reuters, Nasdaq, Yahoo,, CoinShedule, CryptoCompare, Finance Magazine, NewsBTC, CoinNewsAsia, BTC-ECHO, USA Today, BitScreener, MorningStar, Ethereum World News.

Pre-ICO of e-Chat was launched in October, 2017.  Now, during the new round that started on January 8, 2018, the price for 1 ECHT (e-Chat token) is $1.425, it will be valid till March 1. The earlier you jump into investing and supporting e-Chat first decentralized messaging platform, the bigger discount for 1 ECHT is provided.

Apart from standard functionality embedded in the app, the e-Chat team keeps making the app better.T he e-Chat team has introduced the function of cryptolike that gives users the opportunity to support the content they like, going through the news feeds of others. In a very short period of time, the users will get exposed to the new design of the app. Now you are welcome to download the application on  Google Play or App Store.

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