Introducing Dendy Metaverse: Hub for Innovative Play-to-Earn Games

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Introducing Dendy Metaverse: Hub for Innovative Play-to-Earn Games
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The Dendy Metaverse is built as a community-driven platform where everyone’s participation will remain a factor in staying united in several ways.

There are hundreds of new Play-2-Earn (P2E) gaming protocols being released into the blockchain ecosystem today, and Dendy Metaverse is one of the newest Decentralized Finance (DeFi) gaming platforms that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

The Dendy Metaverse is designed as a hub where players can play games, earn passive income and do a whole lot more. Conceived in Q3 2021, the Dendy Metaverse is channeling a growth track that is unique when compared to other related platforms around. Beyond the protocol’s core gaming hub, Dendy Metaverse also plans to integrate Dendy Swap, NFT Marketplace, and Dandy Launchpad in the near future.

Participating in the Dendy Metaverse Genesis

Innovative as it comes off, to become a part of the Dendy metaverse, now is the best time to get aboard as the protocol is conducting its Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) sale on PinkSale on January 12. While new users who discover Dendy Metaverse can become a part of the project, later on, investors who participate in the IDO will gain access to exclusive benefits that are designed to return adequate value to them over time.

Participating in the IDO on PinkSale may require passing a mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) check, however, this process has been simplified by the launchpad and is not expected to give any worries. Running almost simultaneously with the IDO is the airdrop slated for the community. The airdrop will feature about $500MetaDND being given away and additional details can be garnered from the project’s dedicated community group on Telegram.

Participating in the IDO on PinkSales may be a walk in the park for experienced DeFi users, however, for those new to the space, a step-by-step guild on how to participate in the token sale has been outlined on the project’s Medium page.

Deeper Insight into the Dendy Metaverse and Ecosystem

The banner feature of the Dendy Metaverse is the gaming protocol. In order to bring users a unique and diversified gaming experience, Dendy will feature a total of 7 games, all giving users an equal chance of earning from the platform. The 7 games are not unfamiliar to the majority of gamers out there as they comprise most of the games that were played by many adults while they were kids.

These game collections include Super Mario Bros, Frogger, Battle City, Contra, Pac-Man, Aladdin, and Duck Hunt. Despite the games not being new in their concept, they are designed to provide a similar level of intrigue as the original titles, and users can earn as they progress in each aspect of the game.

Besides the gaming protocol, the Dendy Metaverse is a staunch promoter of Non-Fungible Tokens and the created NFT Marketplace will largely help facilitate the efficient and profitable trading of digital collectibles. Billed to be launched this January according to the project’s roadmap, the Dendy NFT Marketplace can grow to become a one-stop-shop for P2E NFT assets.

The Dendy Swap protocol is like an exchange where various assets can be traded while the Dendy Launchpad will give opportunities to investors to participate early in the development of a crypto startup while earning rewards in the near or long term. Overall, through the NFT Marketplace, users will be able to view their balance, transfer tokens between wallets, view transaction history, and trade tokens and unique game NFTs.

Additional Details about Dendy

The Dendy Metaverse is built as a community-driven platform where everyone’s participation will remain a factor in staying united in several ways. As a way to position itself for this public and social reality, Dendy Metaverse has opened its arms wide for any influencer or promoter that can help the ecosystem to reach more people by saying the right things, at the right time.

The Dendy Metaverse already actually sold itself to investors as the project’s tokenomics is notably futuristic. The total number of tokens is pegged at 100,000,000 and the tokens reserved as rewards for players come in at 66,820,000. The developers behind the project are only entitled to just 5,000,000 tokens, showcasing the Dendy Metaverse is not a cash grab affair. Dendy Metaverse’s source code is also published on GitHub, as the protocol utilizes an open MIT License in its development.

The project’s roadmap spans out to December 2022, a period in which almost all of its promises would have been fulfilled.

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