Doge Adventure: A P2E Metaverse Game where Players Can Adventure with Their Doge

April 22nd, 2022 at 2:24 pm UTC · 6 min read

Doge Adventure: A P2E Metaverse Game where Players Can Adventure with Their Doge

Introduction of Doge Adventure

Doge Adventure’s mission is not just to create a P2E game built on the X-protocol but also to connect numerous parallel universes. That’s where humans and Doge live in harmony in the metaverse.

As blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, the use of NFTs is also on the rise in multiple niches such as games, digital arts, trading in assets, asset management, etc. Some of the NFT collections have multiplied in value over a very short period of time, making them a lucrative asset class for blockchain gamers and enthusiasts. Doge Adventure is an original, independent blockchain game incubated by X-Protocol and supported by the community. The game combines elements of the Doge meme with the NFT random fusion concept. Users earn revenue by casting fusions, researching strategies, exploring, fighting, and collecting valuable NFT collectibles. Among the numerous parallel universes, there’s one belonging to a world where humans and Doge live in harmony. In this world, everyone owns their own doge partner, with whom they explore the unknown, battling against the opponent for upgrading. Through the efforts of scientists, the portal to the Doge metaverse is now open. Players can now own a dog partner at a low cost. Doge partners would have various figure features and rarity levels, and they could PK with other dogs or conduct expedition mining to earn income and increase their rarity. Doge Adventure, which incorporates a Metaverse game that combines NFT+Play and Earn+GameFi elements, has announced its strategic partnership with DaoStarter, a multi-chain public token launchpad. The objectives of this partnership include collaborative marketing and potential IDO. As the bridge between early-stage projects and the crypto community, DAOStarter has successfully launched many NFT and GameFi projects. This partnership will certainly facilitate DogeAdventure’s upcoming INO (Initial NFT Offer) and game launch, and bring more community exposure to Doge Adventure. Doge Adventure is planned to be upgraded in 8-12 months to become compatible with third party NFT access and provide 3D visualization of the game platform.

Tokens Matric Analysis of Doge Adventure

Doge Adventure Economic Model

There are 3 tokens and 3 game props that compose the economic ecology of the Doge Metaverse. They include the following:

  • DT (Dog Tag)

Main value carrier in the game : Obtained through expedition mining.  Doge owner can gain DT when the doge partner is lost or disappears during fusion.

  • Doge NFT

The ‘Pokemon’ in the game as well as an inseparable designer toy + Cyber art collection. Obtained through minting or game stores.

  • SPS (Silicone Pieces)

Medium of the Equivalent Transaction in the Doge Meterverse: SPS payment is accepted when game props are sold in the game store or marketplace.

20% for fundraising

80% lock-up

P2E rules are the only way to obtain this.

Total initial supply: 12,500,000DT

The remainder of the DT can be obtained by purchasing games. DT is necessary for summoning DogeNFT and it is the token in the Doge adventure game. The amount of DogeNFT will increase in the later stages of the game, resulting in the circulation supply exceeding the initial amount. The DT consumed in the game will directly be burned to ensure that the amount of DT will always be LEQ 12,500,000 and no hyperinflation will emerge within the game.

DogeNFT maximum amount : 50,000

Rarity : 1 star/2 stars/3 stars Initial cost : 150 USDT

  • 60%-30,000

Public minting price : 150 USDT

The first minting DogeNFTs are all 1 start level

  • 40%-20,000

The remaining DogeNFT can only be obtained through auction in the store or summoning.

1 DogeNFT can be summoning by 250 DT

Auction Rules

Each round of auction is limited to 2000 pieces, price: 150 USDT. There will be a new round weekly; and the Bought-in-DogeNFT in the previous round will be destroyed

Doge image style Initial figure feature Figure feature limit Level limit
1 Star Regular Doge 1 4 4
2 star Cool pattern or mechanical ornament element 2 6 10
3 star Sci-fi, Immortality Cultivation, Myth element 3 10 20


Doge NFT: Rarity upgrading rules

  • Experience accumulation

DogeNFT can gain Experience points and upgrade by mining or metaverse expeditions.

  • Fusion upgrade

A new DogeNFT that comes with the chance for upgrade can be gained by fusing 2 Doge NFTs.

  • PK upgrade

DogeNFT won the PK as well as the figure feature, thus obtaining the opportunity to upgrade.

SPS: In-Game Shopping Point

SPS can only be obtained through mining or metaverse expedition, similar to SLP in Aixe.

Doge Super Shield

Function 1: Reduce the 70% of staked assets lost when PK fails; Function 2: If Doge gets lost in metaverse expedition, the shield can send Doge back to the owner. Price: 125 USDT/120 SPS

Price: 125 USDT/120 SPS

Broken Shield

Doge can be found during mining or metaverse expeditions. 10 broken shields + 30 SPS can synthesize 1 super shield

Price: 50 USDT/45 SPS

Play2E: treasury revenue distribution

In order to play around with Doge adventure there are several steps that user/plyer should take:

Team fund to sustain development and cover necessary expenses accounted for 20%

To repurchase DT in the secondary market is 30%

50% Distribute to addresses holding Doge NFTs, each Doge NFT represents one share of revenue of which:

  • 3-star DogeNFT shares 10% of the proceeds equally
  • 2-star DogeNFT shares 20% of the proceeds equally
  • star DogeNFT shares 20% of the proceeds equally

All player’s spending in the game goes to the treasury.

Revenue distribution is done every 30 days

Background of the Team

The Doge DAO development team that designs P2E gameplay also designs 3D models and actions for NFTs. The founders of Doge Adventure have extensive experience in developing blockchain projects, with a strong background in NFT, PE2 blockchain games, and NFTS, as well as Web3 technology.

Road Map and Milestone

By May 15, 2022, Launch all game features

By June 15, 2022, launch the Doge DAO voting platform to encourage community users to contribute designs for DogeNFT

By August 15, 2022, Doge DAO enables full community governance.

Doge Adventure will be compatible with the popular NFT and develop more gameplay

By December 15, 2022, At least two of the top ten most popular NFTs are available.

To provide 3D and P2E gameplay for cooperative NFT projects, Upgrade to a fully NFT- compatible game platform

Doge Adventure: A P2E Metaverse Game where Players Can Adventure with Their Doge

Partners and Backers

Doge Adventure is back by strong partners, most of whom are venture capitalists and popular investment companies, as follows:


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