Elon Musk-Powered Dogecoin, Dogetti, and Tamadoge Take Crypto Dogfight to the Streets

Place/Date: - March 20th, 2023 at 9:23 am UTC · 6 min read
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Elon Musk-Powered Dogecoin, Dogetti, and Tamadoge Take Crypto Dogfight to the Streets

Elon Musk, the world’s biggest business magnate, might have supported Dogecoin (DOGE) but underdogs like Dogetti (DETI) and Tamadoge (TAMA) have taken the fight to the streets of the crypto world. So, whoever prevails will lead the doggie clan in the crypto world. That’s what the rule of the street says.

Do they all have what it takes to battle it out in the streets? We will have a look at their respective advantages that make them a favourite in the crypto dogfight. But before that, let’s appreciate how Don Eloni and its Dogetti Family have successfully achieved the presale’s first-stage target.

Don Eloni Feels Like a Dog with Two Tails

Dogetti has successfully made it to the second stage of its presale after raising more than $500,000. As the second stage is in full swing, the Dogetti Family has not only surged past $571k but also offered a new family code to the users who pledge their allegiance to Don Eloni. If you want to join the clan of happy dogs, use the promotional code DON50 and enjoy incredible 50% extra DETI tokens on your purchase. Connect your wallet today and start howling with Don Eloni and its Dogetti Family.

Elon Musk-Powered Dogecoin, Dogetti, and Tamadoge Take Crypto Dogfight to the Streets

Dogecoin: Whatever Elon Musk Says, Goes!

A banter that went viral in 2013 soon became the first-ever meme coin in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin (DOGE) was a result of banter between two software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus.

It became an instant sensation, thanks to its viral meme of a Shiba Inu dog.

Since then, Dogecoin has been leading the group of meme coins in the crypto industry.

The dog-inspired meme coin has a capped supply of 130 billion coins which are mined through the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm.

Elon Musk-Powered Dogecoin, Dogetti, and Tamadoge Take Crypto Dogfight to the Streets

In recent years, business tycoon Elon Musk tweeted about Dogecoin numerous times, which sparked a renewed frenzy and massive price fluctuations.

Musk’s tweets did help DOGE to widen its reach and spread awareness about the dog-themed cryptocurrency.

However, these tweets also resulted in concerns about Dogecoin’s potential volatility and reliance on external factors like reacting to the whims of a single individual.

Moreover, Dogecoin also lacks a significant use case or utility, which is the case with most meme coins, and it could eventually play its part in limiting Dogecoin’s long-term value and adoption potential.

Dogetti: Whatever the Clan Says, Goes!

Dogetti (DETI), one of the newest meme coins, is in the second stage of its presale campaign, which has raised more than $571k through sales of 7.4 billion DETI tokens.

Dogetti’s strength lies in its super-charged community. Don Eloni and its team aim to create a strong sense of community among the Dogetti Family with a focus on community engagement, fair distribution, and constant innovation.

Like Dogecoin, Dogetti also has a limited token supply of 1 billion coins, which are mined through the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.

Elon Musk-Powered Dogecoin, Dogetti, and Tamadoge Take Crypto Dogfight to the Streets

Talking about salient features of Dogetti, Dogetti NFTs and DogettiDAO lead the roost. Dogetti NFTs allow users to have a digital pet for exclusive events and content. Similarly, DogettiDAO empowers the community with the right to vote on the development and direction of the project.

Since Dogetti believes in the power of the clan, it focuses on fair distribution that makes it a more inclusive, accessible, user-friendly, and fun coin for all and sundry.

Aiming to become the top dog in the meme coins world, Dogetti has a strong commitment to the social cause of animal welfare. DETI will donate a chunk of its profits to various animal welfare charities.

However, volatility could be an issue for Dogetti as is the case with any meme coin. So, if you’re planning to purchase meme coins, you should bear in mind potential losses due to significant price fluctuations.

Tamadoge: Whatever Pet Says, Goes!

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a relatively new cryptocurrency with real token utilisation.

This deflationary Play-to-Earn (P2E) dog-inspired meme coin is set in a vibrant metaverse where users can play multiple games.

Since it is built around play-to-earn mechanics, its native TAMA tokens are used for all transactions during the gameplay.

Tamadoge also comes with an in-built NFT store to help users gain more tokens.

TAMA is inspired by one of the best-selling games in the 90s, i.e. Tamagotchi, which was about raising pets.

Elon Musk-Powered Dogecoin, Dogetti, and Tamadoge Take Crypto Dogfight to the Streets

TAMA is very much like the original game as it turns users into pet trainers and rewards them for taking good care of their pets.

Tasks for the users may include daily checkups, playing games with their pets, feeding them regularly, washing them periodically, etc.

However, if any user fails to take good care of the pet, it might die and turn into a Tomaghost.

All pets in TAMA are structured as NFTs, which means users can buy, sell, or trade them using TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge was launched after one of the most successful presale campaigns in the meme coin world as it raised $19 million. It is listed on the OKX.

Whatever You Say, Goes!

As far as choosing the best meme coin from an investment perspective, you should carefully consider the benefits and risks involved with each meme coin.

Supported by celebrities and business leaders like Elon Musk, Dogecoin could be an attractive option. However, Tamadoge takes gaming to the next level, thereby giving its users a chance to make money while enjoying the Tamagtochi-inspired game. Dogetti has gotten off to an inspiring start as it has already raised more than $571k in its presale, which is a testimony of its appeal and acceptance.

At the end of the day, the choice between Dogetti, Dogecoin, or Tamadoge comes down to personal preference.

Dogetti’s community-focused approach and innovative features make it a promising dog with the potential for long-term growth.

Dogecoin’s popularity and low transaction fees make it a popular dog for micropayments and tipping.

Tamadoge’s focus on P2E has the potential to make it a top dog in the world of cryptocurrencies.

For more information on Dogetti (DETI) visit: WebsitePresaleTwitterTelegram.

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