Dream Job for the World’s Biggest Bitcoin Fanatic

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Dream Job for the World’s Biggest Bitcoin Fanatic
The selected intern will receive $2500 worth of bitcoins to live for the entire month using only the digital currency. Photo: Giorgio Montersino/Flickr

Bitcoin company, named Brawker, has published a new job proposal on coinality.com that stipulates living the whole month using only bitcoin.

The US bitcoin startup, called Brawker, has recently published a job offer that reads like a dream position for bitcoin fans. The platform is designed to allow users buy everything with bitcoin.

The internship offer at Coinality.com states: “All you have to do is live on Bitcoin alone for an entire month at the company’s expense. You would pay for your usual daily expenditures: your rent, your electricity, your groceries, etc… Most of these items will be paid through Brawker, but you can also patronize establishments that accept Bitcoin.”

The selected intern will receive $2500 worth of bitcoins to live for the entire month using only the digital currency. In addition, the trainee will have to regularly share the experience on such social media platforms as Twitter, Reddit and Youtube.

Under the terms of the job, the trainee will have to post a blog 2-3 times a week, tweet at least 5 photos per week of the items bought with bitcoin and occasionally post to Reddit. Notably, most of the items have to be acquired with the use of Brawker.com. The intern will also have to be available for interviews with the media and interact with Twitter users.

The project is aimed at showing the ease of using Brawker for different kind of purchases. The firm’s founder Cyril Houri said: “We just want to demonstrate that it is possible. Once someone will be able to pay for their everyday needs (rent, electricity, food, transportation, etc…) they will be in a much more comfortable accepting the payment of their salary in Bitcoin. They will then be able to live completely outside of the fiat money system that many people consider broken […]“

Houri added that Brawker is expected to ensure further expansion of the digital currency. He said: “With Brawker, we offer a way for Bitcoin owners to buy anything that is available on the internet with their bitcoins. This is what makes them much more confident that if they accept Bitcoin, they will be able to spend it on what they actually need. This is a very important step towards Bitcoin adoption.”

Houri gave his advice for the potential interns: “We are especially looking for applicants who can be creative both in how they spend their bitcoins and how they tell the world that story, someone who can show the world that anyone can not just get by but thrive while living on Bitcoin.”

In order to apply for a position, you need to provide your social media names, including those on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter, explain why you’re the ideal candidate with a 500 word description and provide the relevant experience.

The applications for the position will be accepted until November 20th, 2014. So, hurry up.

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