e-Chat Offers Additional ICO Round for Decentralized Messenger

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e-Chat Offers Additional ICO Round for Decentralized Messenger
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EChat, the first multitasking messenger, has announced its another ICO round with bonuses and rewards, which will last until February 15, 2018.

EChat is holding another ICO round, which has officially started on January 8th, and will run until February 15th.This ICO round will benefit participants with early contributions starting with a 30% discount with $1.05 per each token and increasing to a price of $1.35 per token with 10% discount.

The 30% discount has started on the first day, and will last for a week. From January 16th to January 21st, the discount will be 25%. At the end of January, the discount will be lowered on another 5% to 20%. During the first week of February, the tokens will be sold with 15% discount, and during the second week of February (last week of the ICO) – with 10% discount.

eChat, if still following the allocation they mentioned in the official announcement thread, will allocate 48% of funds to their marketing campaign, 30% to development, 12% will be reserved for founders, 9% will be put aside in reserve funds and 1% will remain dedicated to the bounty campaign.

The funds will be used to accelerate the development, including an upcoming redesign of the app. The redesign will help to increase functionality and make the interface more intuitive for the app’s users. Echat is also adding more consultants to their advisory board, which currently consists of 9 professionals in various different business fields, including their knowledge of blockchain startups.

The funds raised during this round can also be used to himprove eChat’s future features development, such as a built-in payment system for contactless QR or NFC, streaming photo and videos, chats with 100% privacy, as well as paid channels for bloggers and other influencers.

eChat also has an ambition of being able to change appearance for video calls and online broadcast through neural networks.

eChat claims to be the first multitasking messenger, decentralized and anonymous. This is due to its blockchain based nature, allowing for reliability due to the system’s p2p structure, as well as IPFS for easy storage of media. A proof of storage algorithm is used to secure the sending of messages, and encryption is handled via the MTProto protocol, borrowed from the creators of Telegram, a popular cross-platform messenger.

The main difference between eChat and other messengers is its’ decentralized infrastructure, making it resistant to censorship worldwide, whether its messages, photos, videos, or money being sent. eChat supports a variety of cryptocurrencies as well as languages to truly make it a global messenger.

Besides, messaging from all over the world, money transfers, video calls, as well as voice conferences with up to 10 people, will be possible. Money can be sent with either fiat or crypto, as the application supports a multicurrency wallet. eChat has a mobile application for both iOS and android devices, allowing for mobile users of any smartphone to instantly enjoy the features eChat has worked hard on providing to their users.

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