Earn With Your Knowledge On TriviaSpar’s Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform

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Earn With Your Knowledge On TriviaSpar’s Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform
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Designed and developed by the team from IKL and knowledge.io, TriviaSpar draws gamers into a world of knowledge-based games, a hugely popular draw for both gamers and advertisers.

Mobile devices are becoming the most popular gaming device, generating over $46 billion this year alone and accounting for 42% of the gaming industry revenue. The mobility and portability of these devices continues to make it very attractive to both gamers and developers, seamlessly enabling on-the-go and on-demand entertainment.

The Development of the Gaming Market

The growth of the market is driven by a new service delivery system where consumers can freely download any game they want without paying a dime, a stark contrast to the early days of mobile gaming where mobile applications could only be downloaded after being fully paid for. This free-to-play model monetizes games through in-app purchases or in-app advertising. However, these games do not reward users for the time and knowledge required to play them. Most of them incentivise faster game progress through micro-transactions for loot boxes, keys, energies, game currencies and unlocks.

Introducing TriviaSpar

But what if you could turn all those hard-earned points and exchange them for rewards? What if the more you play, the more you earn? TriviaSpar correctly answers this questions and even more – through its incentivized, mobile gaming network it rewards players’ knowledge and advertisers’ presence. TriviaSpar lets you earn points and exchange them for stuff – the more you play the more you earn. Players can exchange their points on the Skill and Ad-based gaming platform for prizes and entry into larger tournaments where they get the opportunity to compete, to win trips to the Super Bowl or MTV awards.

With over 5 million questions sourced from several data partners in categories like Movies, Art, Music, Health, ICD Coding, History, Science, Cars, General trivia and more, TriviaSpar rewards players for their knowledge, while elevating the status of trivia games.

The TriviaSpar Platform

TriviaSpar offers three rewarding, game play modes for players to chose from. Self-Play allows players to earn and learn in any category they choose at their own pace.

Players can choose to play solo, earning or learning from the categories available. They can also choose to put themselves in head-to-head duels against other players, or enter into larger skirmishes of knowledge, playing against 4, 8 or 16 players for bigger rewards and prizes.

Ad-Based model lets players play freely in any category based on the ads on display and earn points that can later be exchanged for goods, gift cards, and etc. on the rewards platform. Players will be quizzed on the ad displayed, thus enabling advertisers to get immediate feedback from users who are genuinely interested in leveraging their knowledge for rewards. Ad revenue generated from ad-based play is split, 50-50 with the player and advertisers, and the ads are provided by advertisers like AdMod, Rails and the YouTube Partner Programme.

The Skill-Based game model differs slightly from the Ad-based one, offering outcomes based on mental or physical attributes rather than chance. This model has been launched across 25 states in the USA. It offers the same dual, 4, 8, 16 player games modes, but requires an entry fee which ranges from 25 cents to 20 dollars. The model is only available in a winner-takes-all reward system (minus the processing fee). This model does not reward players with points, ensuring that there is a distinct separation between ad-based and skilled based play modes.

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