Launches Blockchain-based Platform to Revolutionize the Way Knowledge is Valued

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by Egor Pavlovich · 3 min read Launches Blockchain-based Platform to Revolutionize the Way Knowledge is Valued creates the first-of-its-kind decentralized blockchain platform where knowledge is freely shared and exchanged helping users monetize their proficiency and democratize the knowledge sharing industry.

Being instrumental to every human achievement, knowledge is certainly the keys to development. With it, mankind has pierced the heavens and burrowed into the depths of the Earth. 

However, despite the importance of the consumption and production of intellectual capital, there is no readily available tool to quantify and qualify the value of knowledge. This problem is what, a blockchain-based  powered platform for the recognition, reward, and celebration of knowledge, has set to resolve. co-founder Steven Englander explains:

“By rewarding people with Knowledge tokens, we are able to provide a decentralized knowledge sharing ecosystem where knowledge flows between advertisers, partners, and users for the benefit of the entire community’s decision making in areas such as commerce, education, and employment.” is poised to revolutionize the way knowledge is valued globally through a decentralized platform where knowledge can be freely shared and exchanged among users from diverse industries and sectors. The first-of-its-kind blockchain platform will help users monetize their knowledge and democratize the knowledge sharing industry.

Knowledge is an invaluable part of any company’s intangible asset. The acquisition of these assets is often all that stands between market success and failure. From production of raw materials to manpower, the knowledge economy continues to shape industries and world economy.

The internet has evolved from its simplistic communication protocols, in the 1960s, to become a central repository of human knowledge and social interaction. Economic systems are shifting from the exploitation of natural resources to harvesting users’ data, content creation, and distribution. This has created a paradigm shift, placing emphasis on the production, distribution and use of knowledge.

However, incorporation of knowledge into the production and supply functions of the global economic market has long since been a headache for most stakeholders, due to differences in fundamental economic principles and values. eliminates these barriers through the tokenization of all information on the platform.

Blockchain integration and smart contracts allow educators, employers, advocates, and others value and exchange knowledge through voluntary or gamified interactions. Understanding the Knowledge Score of audience segments within the Knowledge Funnel allows advertisers to craft knowledge-appropriate messages for potential and current customers.

The data curated in conjunction with Knowledge Scores will tell stories and identify opportunities in a way that has never been possible before. Data miners, marketplaces, enterprises, advertisers and other third parties can use these Knowledge Scores as actionable intelligence to target and incentivize both digital and brick & mortar campaigns. is set to launch its pre-ICO on January 15th, 2018. Up to 50,000,000 Knowledge tokens will go on sale for the event. The token sale will help the platform generate funds required for the continued development of its innovative platform.

About has its conceptual origins in the recognition, rewarding and celebration of knowledge. It considers that all knowledge is valuable not only to the individual that possesses it but to the society that benefits from interacting with that knowledge.

Through a platform that integrates educators and employers with advocates and knowledge sharers, all knowledge participants can exchange and value knowledge through voluntary or gamified interaction. believes that its solution will be the first able measure the value of knowledge, while its model of incentivization will aid the development and propagation of knowledge crucial to the improvement of education, economy and society.

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