A Foolproof Formula for Easy Content Distribution

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A Foolproof Formula for Easy Content Distribution
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Content consumers have served as the source of revenue for the industry, without any form of tangible rewards. But now, consumers who participate in content distribution can receive immediate monetary rewards for their efforts.

Entertainment and media content distribution is experiencing a significant change. The avenues by which finished products are communicated to the eventual consumers today is way different from what it used to be. The reason for this revolves around the ways by which social media is redefining content distribution and marketing.

Old Industry, New Innovations

The entertainment industry has been around for so many years and has always undergone continuous evolution with advancements in technology. These advancements have also been responsible for how much growth the industry has experienced. The creation, and evolution of digital media is key when the stages of redefining content distribution comes under discussion.

Years ago, turntables, cassette tapes, compact discs, and other hardware effects signified major advancement in entertainment distribution. These innovations have almost gone into extinction today because of some superior technology that has emerged.

New Innovations Are Redefining Content Distribution

Most of the emerging solutions are exploring and exploiting the opportunities that are being created by other innovations that are relevant to the era of existence. For instance, the growth in smartphone and mobile technology which has contributed to the absorption of a significant part of the world population has boosted the use of social media as an ideal reach out point for products.

According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.95 billion by 2020. Businesses, marketers and even independent practitioners are taking advantage of the numerous benefits of this fast-growing ecosystem to achieve their goals of reaching a wider audience with limited efforts.

Contrary to the older ways of distributing digital entertainment, streaming is becoming the new order and participants are actively positioning themselves towards enabling the process and benefitting in the long run. It is now easier for content creators to get out their content for influencers to push them out to consumers.

How Social Media Is Redefining Content Distribution

This system serves well in achieving more effective content distribution. However, the economic aspect of the existing social media distribution processes is lopsided and unbalanced. This system leaves a lot of participants shortchanged, with most of them actually working without any form of compensation.

Newer Ways For Effective Content Distribution Economy

Distribution of content in most cases is so rampant that it does not obey legal boundaries. Content creators hardly get adequate value for the amount of their content that is being consumed. Influencers are not empowered to maximize the benefit of their efforts while consumers are left with no further rewards even when they promote or review content.

All that is about to change with the emergence of blockchain-based media content management and distribution platform, Blue Baikal.

By implementing the fundamental elements of blockchain in a tokenized ecosystem, Blue Baikal provides an environment where every participant is king in their own right. The distribution model which mirrors a social media system will provide a trackable supply chain for content distribution. The owners of content will begin to earn full revenue for the work that they release, and at the same time be able to monitor the performance of their products in the marketplace.

Influencers on Blue Baikal are provided with all the necessary tools that they will need to operate effectively, considering the significant role that they play in today’s marketing and distribution ecosystem.

Until now, content consumers have served as the source of revenue for the industry, without any form of tangible rewards. On the Blue Baikal network, among other benefits, consumers who participate in content distribution, either by involving in promotion exercises or reviews will receive immediate monetary rewards for their efforts.

So far, this will represent the mother of all evolution in the media content distribution industry. It is a major upgrade to what is obtainable today, where social media is redefining content distribution.

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