ekmPowershop Spurs UK Bitcoin Adoption With ChainPay Integration

Place/Date: Isle of Man, Great Britain - September 1st, 2015 at 8:08 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: ChainPay

ChainPay by AltXE is welcoming ekmPowershop merchants to the world of Bitcoin payments as ChainPay enables digital currency payments on the popular eCommerce platform. ekmPowershop is used by 1 in 5 online stores in the UK.

In recent times there’s been a big focus in ecommerce around customer journey and conversion rate optimisation. Offering Bitcoin gives the end consumer more choice and makes for a speedy checkout, so there’s huge benefits for retailers who support it.

Teaming up with ChainPay made perfect sense as it means tens of thousands of online shops can now offer Bitcoin with no risk and a lightning quick setup. I don’t know of any other payment system where you can get up and running so quickly” – Steven Hickey, Head of Marketing – ekmPowershop

Businesses powered by ekmPowershop are now able to seamlessly accept Bitcoin, alongside PayPal and Amazon. Bitcoins received can be converted instantly into Sterling and paid directly into merchant’s bank accounts, removing any exchange risk whilst lowering payment processing fees and accelerating customer checkout time.

James Carter founder of ChainPay says, “ekmPowershop is a forward thinking eCommerce provider that can see the potential of digital wallets. While the UK is a cryptocurrency hub, ekmPowershop is the first UK eCommerce provider to offer a built in digital currency payment integration. We are pleased to be working with an organisation whose goals are aligned so well with ourselves. Through this partnership we hope to introduce merchants currently using traditional card payments to the benefits of digital currency.”

The addition of ekmPowershop to ChainPay’s suite of integrations is a major milestone for AltXE, which secured its first white-label partnership in May. ChainPay is already onboarding ekmPowershop merchants immediately after release. The company would like to enter into discussion with eCommerce providers further afield as the year progresses and enable the businesses they support to reap the benefits of digital currency payments.

“Being able to offer such an easy onboarding and integration process to merchants means more and more UK businesses will be adopting Bitcoin. Thanks to the work being performed by startups in London, AltXE in the Isle of Man, and critical partners like ekmPowershop we can ensure the UK continues to drives Bitcoin adoption. For those businesses currently on the fence regarding digital currency, we would say let us show you what we can offer.” – James Carter

ChainPay provides Bitcoin payment gateway services to merchants, as well as offering the system branded for established payment processors. Launched Jan 2015, ChainPay provides services to merchants converting received Bitcoin to British Sterling, Euro and US Dollar currencies, and so far enables merchants spanning 36 countries.