Elon Musk Calls Bill Gates Underwhelming after Billionaire Buys a Porsche Not a Tesla

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Elon Musk Calls Bill Gates Underwhelming after Billionaire Buys a Porsche Not a Tesla
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Elon Musk has expressed displeasure with Bill Gates after the Microsoft founder revealed he bought a Porsche Taycan and not a Tesla. TSLA stock is rising.

As far as electric cars are concerned, Tesla is number one. The company is clearly ahead of all other electric makers with design and even battery technology. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of people who believe that Tesla is the real reason why many electric vehicle makers are really stepping up their game. Tesla could also be the reason why even automakers that manufacture gasoline engines are going electric. The company’s achievements are probably why its CEO Elon Musk is disappointed that Microsoft founder Bill Gates bought a non-Tesla electric vehicle.

Elon Musk Calls Bill Gates ‘Underwhelming’

Recently, Bill Gates was a guest on popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee’s show. During the interview, Gates revealed that he bought the new Porsche Taycan vehicle for himself. The Microsoft founder described the all-electric car as “very, very cool” suggesting that he is impressed with the vehicle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reacted to Bill Gates in the form of a response to a Tesla proponent on Twitter. The user expressed their disappointment with Gate’s decision to buy the Taycan instead of a Tesla. Specifically, the user expressed worry that people would watch the interview and “trust Bill’s word for it” because “Bill Gates is a really smart Guy!”

In response, Elon Musk calls Bill Gates underwhelming.

Bill Gates Praised the Tesla But Elon Musk Is Still Unimpressed

Gates, however, recognized the Taycan’s high price of $185,000. He also mentioned the problems with range for electric vehicles especially compared with their gasoline counterparts. He said to Brownlee that electric vehicles still seem to trail behind gasoline cars specifically about how long they can run on a full charge.

Gates also praised Tesla. According to him, electric vehicles are putting in the needed work to tackle climate change in their own way. Because this has solved emission problems, they have less of an effect on the environment. Gates said that Tesla is definitely at the forefront of this move.

“And certainly Tesla, if you had to name one company that’s helped drive that, it’s them.”

This is not the first time Musk is speaking out against a renowned person like Gates. The CEO has previously called-out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, making dismissive comments about them. 

Maybe Bezos’s recent endeavor will put him in Musk’s good books. The Amazon CEO recently announced a new Earth Fund. According to him climate change is Earth’s biggest threat and needs to be fought. He pledged $10 billion.


Tesla (TSLA) stock is still maintaining a bullish streak, currently trading at $851. The stock, in the last month, has returned over 67% with more than 103% in 2020 alone.

Microsoft (MSFT) stock is also performing well but not as wildly as TSLA. MSFT in the last month has returned over 12% and more than 70% in the last year.

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