Elon Musk Puts Two Houses on Market After His Tweet about Selling Almost All Possessions

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Elon Musk Puts Two Houses on Market After His Tweet about Selling Almost All Possessions
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Elon Musk has listed two of his houses for sale on Zillow.com. Meanwhile, Tesla (TSLA) stock is moving higher again.

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) founder Elon Musk has listed his houses for sale. The PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL) founder did this after tweeting about it a few days ago. In his tweets, Elon Musk indicated that he wants to do away with most of his physical possessions, including houses.

He also tweeted about Tesla stock being too high a few minutes before he made those comments. Tesla lost about $14 billion in capitalization after that.

Sources say that the two houses were promptly listed on Zillow. Zillow happens to be one of the top real estate listing websites in the United States. Elon has listed two houses of his cachet of five houses within the Bel Air region. One of the listings goes for $30 million while the other goes for $9.5 million.

The $9.5 million property has monthly payments of $41,598. It also has 5 bedrooms with 2,756 square feet. It is also reportedly the former home of Gene Wilder. Wilder played Willie Wonka in the timeless classic Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory.

Elon Musk Wants Gene Wilder’s House to Remain Untouched

Musk put the listing for the property with one caveat: the house stays “as is”. He tweeted

The property comes with an oval pool and an attached guest cottage.

The $30 million property, on the other hand, is more expensive and it overlooks the Bel Air Country club. It was built in 1990 and has 6 bedrooms. The listing also says that it has been extensively remodeled with 11 bathrooms and 16,251 square feet.

Sources say that Elon obtained mortgages from Morgan Stanley. The mortgages total about $61 million.

Bel Air is one of the most expensive areas in America. many celebrities and notable personalities have houses there. Rod Stewart, Steve Martin, Beyonce, and even the current treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin and more are homeowners.

Elon’s reasons for his recent moves have to do apparently with a lovers’ tiff with his Canadian Girlfriend Singer Grimes. The Tesla CEO is known for such antics. Though there is a method to his “madness” it still is a source of concern for many.

Tesla has had the unfortunate duty of having to defend itself against multiple lawsuits regarding Elon’s tweets. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) itself has had run-ins with Elon on his tweets.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Is Doing Well

Tesla (TSLA) stock price has done pretty well this year. The stock price has seen an about 68% climb in value since the start of the year. This puts Elon on the path to one of the biggest payouts ever.

The apparent link between Tesla stock moves and his tweets raise ethical issues. This could be one factor that will could go against the long-term performance of Tesla. As an innovative company in a new field, Tesla may need to keep its eye on the ball. A focus on homegrown technology may be required. Other competitors may be lurking in the corner.

Musk, on the other hand, is having the time of his life.

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