Elon Musk Reveals Where He Got His Inspiration for Starting Up SpaceX 

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Elon Musk Reveals Where He Got His Inspiration for Starting Up SpaceX 
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Elon Musk shared what was his initial driving force to create the SpaceX company that designs, manufactures and launches advanced-tech rockets and spacecraft, and now its market valuation is over 33$ billion.

Elon Musk the founder, CEO and chief engineer/designer of SpaceX, shared his source of inspiration to establish the company. SpaceX is a multi-billion-dollar company that designs, manufactures and also launches advanced rockets and spacecraft’s to revolutionize space exploration with a vision of enabling people to further exploration into other planets.

The company has grown to become a leading space exploration company with annual revenue as by 2018 valuated at over $2 billion. The company has been raising funds to support its activity. Now it is planning to raise $250 million. It will help to bring the company’s valuation to the level of $36 billion.

December 5, 2019, the company was hailed for successfully launching SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets in Florida. It was the 19th successful launch of resupply service mission to the space station. The company has gained respect to be recognized globally due to the efforts made by CEO Elon Musk to see it grow since its conception back in 2002.

 Elon Musk and SpaceX History

As a teenaged boy, Elon was an ambitious student who felt a personal obligation on the fate of mankind. Motivated by avoiding probabilities of a dark age that has constantly led to cycles in mankind civilization. He started SpaceX in 2002, after creating the payment platform X.com that was rebranded to PayPal, and was later sold to eBay for a whopping $1.5 billion.

According to the book ‘Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future’, that was authored by Ashlee Vance, Elon loved reading books and took the lessons from them seriously. The books gave him the idea of starting up companies that will help mankind prolong civilization and if possible avoid possibilities of Dark Age.

Therefore, the drive led him to start up cleaner energy tech company Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), which manufactures electric vehicles, and also SpaceX to further his quest for finding a new habitable interstellar. The idea was derived from the seven-book ‘Foundation’, a science fiction series authored by Isaac Asimov.

In 2017 during an interview with Rolling Stone, Elon said that the lesson he drew from the Asimov book is that we should all try to take the best seat of actions that are likely to prolong civilization, minimize the probability of Dark Age and also reduce the length of a dark age if one occurred.

Dark ages have made mankind not have any record for a long period amounting to centuries. A period where no records are found of what happened in financial, culture and the demographic state has motivated Elon to eliminate such a scenario in the future.

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