Ericsson Claims Supremacy in 5G Network Rollout over Huawei

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Ericsson Claims Supremacy in 5G Network Rollout over Huawei
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Swedish telecom company Ericsson claims it will be a leader in rolling out the 5G network across the world, though Huawei continues making big progress.

Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson claims leadership over Chinese giant telecom company Huawei in 5G network rollout across Europe and also in other continents. This was according to a statement from the company during its pre-MWC briefing in London, which happened after the cancellation of the Barcelona Mobile World Congress due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

This comes after the United States pushed for the European allies’ adoption of an alternative 5G network provider over the Chinese company Huawei. The United States government has been raising security concerns over Huawei dominance in Europe, claiming it would collect useful information for the Chinese government. 

However, both the Chinese officials and Huawei leadership have denied the accusation of citing pure business in the company. Earlier, United States Attorney General, William Bar was cited urging his government to stretch its muscles in supporting either Nokia or Ericsson in competing against Huawei in 5G network rollout.

According to Ericsson’s Executive Vice President, Fredrik Jejdling, the company has deployed almost twenty-four live networks in fourteen countries across the globe. He continued to say that Ericsson is doing far much better than any other company in the 5G network market, as the company has a competitive portfolio that is ahead of its competitors.

According to the Financial Times, Ericsson won over 70 5G network-related contracts by the end of the 2019 fiscal year. This figure supports Ericsson’s claims as Nokia clinched 63 of them while Huawei had 50 commercial contracts by the same period.

Europe as a Battleground of 5G Network Rollout

With Europe commanding a huge economy of the world and also being in the middle of two economic giants, the United States and China. It is bound to receive pull and push on who to control the ground on their favor.

With the Chinese company Huawei having been given green light by PM Johnson to roll out the 5G network in the greater UK, the U.S. feels threatened as a partner, considering the current economic battle between the two countries.

According to Abraham Liu one of Huawei’s officials, the company is more committed to capturing Europe than ever before. He continued to say that the company is looking forward to setting up manufacturing bases in Europe to bolster its quest of rolling out the 5G network across Europe.

U.S.-China trade war seems to be spilling over to other countries across the globe as the two powerhouses compete in controlling the world’s economy. As mobile companies like Samsung and Apple launching devices that support the 5G network, the 5G network will be a gap to fill fast enough.

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