eToro Founder Joins the List of Crypto Proponents on the Buffett Power Lunch

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eToro Founder Joins the List of Crypto Proponents on the Buffett Power Lunch
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The list of financial and cryptocurrency experts in attendance of the Warren Buffett lunch hosted by Tron’s Justin Sun expands further as eToro CEO Yoni Assia joins in.

A few weeks after Justin Sun – CEO of Tron won the hosting ticket for Warren Buffett’s annual lunch ceremony, which is a part of the ‘Oracle of Omaha’s’ yearly charity auction for the Glide Foundation. The list of attendees which includes adept minds from both the traditional and nascent financial sectors continues to grow rapidly. As it was gathered, the founder and CEO of eToro was recently enlisted.

The power lunch is scheduled for the 25th of July and, as we previously reported, will take place at Quince Restaurant in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

Even though the lunch already enjoys the presence of notable crypto personalities such as Litecoin’s CEO – Charlie Lee, Head of Binance Charity Funds, the philanthropic arm of Binance Exchange – Helen Hai, with the CEO of Circle – Jeremy Allaire, been added to the list just a while ago. According to the recent news, the CEO of the crypto payments firm endorses his involvement responding to this in a tweet:

Nonetheless, on 21st of July, Sun reached out on Twitter, to the CEO of eToro – Yoni Assia, requesting the presence of the founder of the online trading platform. With only four days to go, Justin Sun, however, extended this invitation to include extra crypto experts to aid in changing the general perception of traditional financial business tycoons and institutions that are to be in attendance:

This meet-up would bridge the gap between the traditional financial sectors with a decentralized blockchain-powered structure. Although the complete guest list has not been publicized, it’s quite evident that other invitations are expected to follow ahead of the event. 

Sun intends to pave a way for the discussion by pointing out the involvement of some multinational corporation’s engagements with blockchain and cryptocurrencies such including Facebook, JPMorgan, and IBM, along with a major focus on the success of his projects – BitTorrent and Tron. Sun stated:

“I’ll talk to Buffett and other attendees about how we’re integrating blockchain into BitTorrent, with its 100 million monthly active users and what we’re doing to expand and nurture the TRON blockchain.”

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