Don’t Spend Money on Diamonds – Propose with Bitcoin Ring

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read

New bitcoin ring makes the choice of jewelry as simple as possible. Print the ring and check your bitcoin funds at any time.

If you think that romance and bitcoin are incompatible issues, you have definitely missed recent invention of Seb Neumayer – bitcoin ring. And it’s no matter whether he wanted to help the beloved who can’t afford expensive engagement ring or just wanted to win glory. The result of his work impresses.

Bitcoin ring is a 3D-printed ring with a QR code. You can simply use your smartphone to scan the “clever” piece of jewelry and see how much bitcoin you actually have. Thus a girl can value the attitude of her boyfriend by the amount of bitcoin of the ring. The company underlines that with this ring you will “see how much you really cared for”.

It should be noted that the ring itself doesn’t have real value so if your fiancée is quite picky while choosing jewelry, you’d better not risk. But if you are open to innovations and want to take everyday control over your bitcoin wallet, this variant is perfect for you.

The real value lies in the code. So even if you lose the ring, all you have to do is to print another one. Besides you don’t risk to get tired of its design because you can always reprint it in accordance with the latest fashion. You can check variants of design on the official website.

Seb Neumayer came up with this idea in 2014 at MIT hackathon. It took him a year to polish up all the details until he decided to introduce the device to the world.

The moto of bitcoin ring on the website goes: “The only bitcoin ring that marries real value and design. Don’t store your value in a rock, store it in a block.”

The very idea of a ring that has any other functions except decorative is interesting. It’s more usual for us to see a picture of a fiancé running around in search of marvelous diamonds to celebrate the most important day. Perhaps Mr. Neumayer wasn’t the first one to notice that it’s a simple waste of cash and it’s better to invest in something more useful. But he was the first one to sell the idea and he gets all the credit.

This ring can be just a hint that times of some traditional values are gone. Bitcoin gradually conquers the world and it’s nice to see how many talented enthusiasts work to bring it to the leading positions in financial system.

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