Formation Fi Partners Polygon to Create Cross-Chain Liquidity Pool

May 25th, 2021 at 6:27 pm UTC · 2 min read

Formation Fi Partners Polygon to Create Cross-Chain Liquidity Pool

Defi platform Formation Fi has joined forces with Polygon to develop a secret ‘dark pool’ automated market maker (AMM).

The cross-chain liquidity partnership will run on Polygon’s layer 2 solution and support Formation Fi’s vision for chain-agonistic yield farming 2.0.

By building on Polygon’s high-throughput platform, Formation Fi furnishes users with benefits such as reduced transaction fees and improved user experience. MATIC token-holders can also earn rewards in both FORM and MATIC via a single-sided cross-chain pool, for a limited time.

This double rewards system will appeal to MATIC holders who suffered during recent market turmoil, when thousands of positions were liquidated.

Such traders have an opportunity to recoup simply by holding MATIC to gain access to Formation Fi’s cross-chain liquidity pool, where they can generate double and even triple yields.

Because the pool is single-sided, investors will enjoy 100% exposure to MATIC and protect themselves from the risk of impermanent loss.

In order to become an early liquidity provider and enjoy both generous mining rewards and vastly reduced swap fees, investors must hold both MATIC and FORM tokens in their wallet prior to the official pool launch.

To acquire FORM tokens, users should already hold MATIC – which will in turn qualify them to enter the FORM whitelist raffle.

The Formation Fi-Polygon partnership is geared towards retail investors and sophisticated funds keen to leverage smart yield farming 2.0 to earn a favorable rate of return.

About Formation Fi

Formation Fi is a defi project that aims to take yield farming to another level by integrating the risk parity strategy first implemented by billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio for stock markets. The yield farming protocol developed by Formation Fi distributes risk across multiple uncorrelated assets within the crypto space. The protocol is chain-agnostic, community-oriented, and targets long-term success.

Formation Fi’s Risk Parity Protocol delivers four index coins that reflect four classes of cross-chain farming strategies. These are ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, and FORM. The protocol aims to provide the best risk-reward ratio and help investors leverage the defi space to reach financial stability.

About Polygon

Polygon is a multi-chain scaling solution built for the Ethereum ecosystem. The layer-two network ensures faster and cheaper transactions between ERC20 tokens using a commit-chain, a blockchain running in parallel with the Ethereum mainnet. Polygon’s mission is to make Ethereum and defi more accessible and user-friendly to investors and developers alike.


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