Former ConsenSys Consultant Creates a Revolutionary Blockchain Development Platform Based on Microservices

April 19th, 2018 at 10:50 pm UTC · 3 min read

After working as a blockchain consultant for the globally renowned company ConsenSys, and with an impressive portfolio of projects conducted for top 1000 US companies, Nick Chisiu is the founder and CEO of Squeezer, one of the groundbreaking projects in today’s blockchain industry.

It was in the spring of 2015 when the bright tech entrepreneur took the decision to turn his dream into reality by creating the Squeezer Framework. The revolutionary Squeezer is the world’s first platform to merge the power of microservices with the immutability of blockchain technology.

The microservices Squeezer Framework has become so popular nowadays that it’s being downloaded more than 75,000 times monthly by software developers across the globe.

Therefore, the growing popularity of blockchain technology and market demand has determined Nick to come up with the unique idea of further developing Squeezer by building a bullet-proof blockchain connector based on microservices.

The single unified blockchain connector will allow developers to connect to any blockchain (such as BTC, ETH or LTC) and use a sandbox to test the apps. Having the apps powered by microservices means that the auto-scalability feature is enabled by default. Moreover,

microservices also support auto-healing and allow for silent cloud deployments.

Before Nick Chisiu became one of the few blockchain specialists of the industry, he got a solid educational background in Informatics and Economics and gained a thorough experience as well as a wide set of technical and software development skills as a microservices architect.

Currently Nick uses his in-depth knowledge to build Blockchain-based applications for enterprises and businesses worldwide and has nurtured a new model of value creation with the help of blockchain and microservices. He strongly believes in developing a strategic and operational process that would ensure the clients’ growth, efficiency and sustainability.

The Squeezer Technology

With the Squeezer Blockchain connector, everyone would have the possibility to smoothly interact with the blockchain without tackling the entire infrastructure or deal with inefficient, time consuming and strenuous processes.

On the top of that, the big scalability issues are cleverly solved by relying on the power of microservices. Check out the Squeezer video here.

In real world case scenario, the applicability of Nick Chisiu’s innovative solution is tremendous. Imagine only the huge number of software developers worldwide, financial institutions or global companies that are looking forward to integrating their systems with blockchain.

There are simply more than 7000 exchanges and slightly over 40 million software developers worldwide. By creating this hassle-free environment, easy-accessible to everyone, Squeezer platform aims to be the safe haven for building decentralized serverless applications.

The Native SQZR Token

The Squeezer platform is powered by the SQZR token, whose core utility is to pay for subscriptions to the platform or to purchase consultancy services provided by the Squeezer team.

More than 4 million tokens have been sold already and even though the soft cap was reached within a few hours from launching, the Squeezer token sale is still on. Millions of tokens are still available to be distributed on the market. For more information on the tokensale, visit the Squeezer website.

The new resources, powerful group of advisors and dedicated team will help Squeezer get one step closer to implementing the revolutionary Squeezer blockchain connector and bring Nick Chisiu’s witty ideas to life.

A truly innovative technology, Squeezer is definitely one of the blockchain projects to watch in 2018


Squeezer Team

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