Forum Topics on First HashCon 2020 & New Infrastructure Mining Summit in China’s Chengdu Revealed

August 20th, 2020 at 11:49 pm UTC · 5 min read

Bitcoin finally broke the resistance zone of $12,000, ETH transaction fees are also skyrocketing with the price of moving tokens around on the Ethereum blockchain continuing to balloon, China’s Sichuan has encouraged blockchain companies to help consume excessive hydroelectricity in the rainy season, Filecoin mining is in full swing now.

The excitement of making a fortune, the anxiety of new games and new things is what every practitioner in crypto mining space is experiencing.

Chengdu, the world’s bitcoin mining capital, is about to host a brand-new mega mining conference – the HashCon 2020 & New Infrastructure Mining Summit from Aug 22- Aug 23.

The traditional giants and the new rich in Filecoin from crypto mining industry will gather in Sichuan to share new information and explore the future potential of crypto mining industry.

The summit, an update of the New Era Mining Summit, will be held jointly by inbtc (Bitcoin mining machine maintenance service provider started by leading mining pool Poolin cofounder Zhu Fa), 8BTC (China’s oldest and most influential crypto and blockchain media), and ChainNode (China’s largest and foremost bitcoin forum), as well as supported by Chengdu’s government.

Topic 1: Blueprint for Supercomputing Industry Legalization is Unfolding in New Infrastructure Era

The direct and indirect investment scale of the new infrastructure is as high as 30 trillion Chinese yuan. On the morning of August 22, the first roundtable discussion focused on crypto mining industry, and how the supercomputing industry could make use of the new infrastructure to realize the compliant development.


  • Zhu Fa, founder of inbtc
  • Liu Chenguang, president of Yunhe data technology
  • Wang Yijia, CCO of Zing
  • Wang Hongyong, international sales director of Ebang
  • Tan Tian, senior lawyer of Zhonglun law firm

Topic 2: New Strategy in New Era

Crypto exchanges like Huobi, Binance entered the mining pool field, traditional capital invest in mining, and mining finance was in full swing, ETH network miners have been raking in almost 5 folds the fees collected by their BTC rivals.

Change is opportunity. This roundtable invites mining pool and financial service providers. They will decode the new mining opportunities in 2020 and new strategies for transformation.


  • Zhao Qianjie, consultant of FBG capital
  • Tong Lei, Managing Director of BABEL financial asset management department
  • Hu Jing, COO of
  • Cao Fei, CEO of Huobi mining pool
  • He Keren, head of Binance mining pool
  • Da Yu, COO of F2pool
  • Zhou Yiyi, CEO of Wuji chain technology

Topic 3: Market Judgement, What Can We Prepare for the Upcoming Bull Market?

The participants of this roundtable are the most popular knowledge-oriented online celebrities in the cryptocurrency community. What are they thinking about recently? What are their judgments of the future of the industry? It’s going to be 40 minutes of high-speed brainstorming.


  • Qu Zhaoxiang, CEO of ChaiNode & cofounder of 8btc
  • Xiong Yue, cofounder of Bixin & President of Bixin Research Institute
  • Dovey Wan, founder of Primitive Ventures & member of Coindesk Advisory Committee
  • Wu Gang, founder of Bixin
  • Pan Zhibiao, founder of Poolin
  • Li Zongcheng, COO of 8btc mining

Topic 4: How Can Crypto Investment Outperform Stock Market and Gold in 2020?

Mining practitioners are also ordinary investors. In 2020, apart from mining industry, how to maintain and increase the value of assets and even outperform the stock market through cryptocurrency investment? The participants of this roundtable cover financial institutions, miner makers, exchanges, investment institutions They are a group of people who know the most about capital and trading in the crypto space.


  • Jun Yao, host from ChainNode
  • Da Fei, cofounder of 99ex
  • Anjo Zhang, BD head of GSR Asia Pacific
  • Jocy Lin, cofounder of IOSG Ventures
  • Cao Jun, cofounder of Spider mining pool
  • Zhaobei, key account sales director of

Topic 5: New Ideas for Crypto Mining in Post-halving Era

With the popularization of DeFi liquidity mining, the income of Ethereum miners skyrockets. The mainnet of Filecoin will be online soon. minor coins overtaking on the curve, GPU and IPFs is in its heyday. Guests of this roundtable will tell from respective fields how the mining industry is heading for a new blue ocean.


  • Wang Jiajian, Reporter of 8btc
  • Qiu Xiaodong, market leader of Xinghuo mining pool
  • Guo Weicheng, CEO of Pandaminer
  • Zhang Songqing, founder of minerOS
  • Li peicai, co founder of Yiwa Shanghaii
  • Xia Feng, founder of Spark Capital
  • Wukong, head of PayPal global partners

Topic 6: Countdown of Filecoin Mainnet Launch

Bitcoin is the first application of blockchain in value storage, Ethereum is the first application of global computing network, while Filecoin is completely different, which will be the first application in global data storage. Today, although the mainnet of Filecoin hasn’t been launched, the related industry is growing rapidly. From miner manufacture to IDC machine room building, the whole industry chain is complete.

How do old-school miners transform into Filecoin miners? When is the right time for mining? Who is the leader in this industry? The guests in this roundtable are definitely the top players in the storage field.


  • Jia xiaobie, host of 8btc’s interview column “8 wen”
  • Andy, 1475
  • Yu Xiaohui, founder & chairman of ice river distributed storage Laboratory
  • Zhang Yunxin, founder & CEO of Cantong (engine miner)
  • Zhang rihe, founder & CEO of Xianhe system

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