Franklin Templeton Embraces DePin: Will Ondo, Uniswap, or Angry Pepe Fork Rise to the Occasion?

June 17th, 2024 at 10:24 am UTC · 3 min read

Franklin Templeton Embraces DePin: Will Ondo, Uniswap, or Angry Pepe Fork Rise to the Occasion?

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/Angry Pepe Fork/ – Franklin Templeton has highlighted the potential of DePin projects, which can disrupt the traditional infrastructure sectors through innovative token incentives. However, while they did highlight Hivemapper and Helium, there are other projects that can benefit from this change as-well, including Uniswap (UNI), Ondo (ONDO) and Angry Pepe Fork (APORK). Today, we will go over all three projects to see how far they can rise.

Uniswap Crypto Up as Network Reaches Major Milestone

Uniswap (UNI) recently made waves as the all-time high Layer-2 volume on the protocol reached new heights. Specifically, according to the official data, it took it 22 months to reach $100 billion, while it took it just 10 months afterwards to cross $200 billion. Then, it took Uniswap just three months to cross $300 billion, which can increase the demand and utility for the Uniswap crypto.

As for the metrics surrounding the Uniswap price, it is in the green zone, as the project surpassed $10. Now, it needs to break future price barriers, and it can end 2024 at $15.77 according to the Uniswap price prediction.

Ondo Price Sits Above $1 – Is Further Growth Possible?

Ondo (ONDO) recently announced that the Ondo UUSDY is integrated on top of Mantle, with over $1 million already supplied to the Native liquidity solution that enables efficient capital mobility. As a result, the Ondo crypto demand could increase, positioning it as a leader in DeFi.

Moreover, according to the on-chain data, the Ondo price has been propelled upwards, and sits well above the $1 range. Now, $2 marks a major resistance point, and according to the Ondo price prediction, the furthest point the crypto can reach in Q4 of 2024 is at $2.34, positioning it as one of the best coins to invest in.

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) Introduces Groundbreaking Conquer to Earn Program

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is a presale-stage project that transcends the limitations of the current paradigm by introducing a groundbreaking “Conquer to Earn” program, a gamified economic model that incentivizes user participation in a revolutionary manner.

APORK empowers users to become active stakeholders within the network by offering a tiered staking system, where they have the opportunity to lock their crypto for 30 days, 60 days and 90 days, as a means of earning passive income and contributing directly to the network’s growth and stability.

This fosters a symbiotic relationship between individual users and the health of the APORK ecosystem in the long-term. There’s also a capped supply of 1.9 billion tokens, which will foster scarcity and provide potential price appreciation and a sense of exclusivity. Moreover, the project’s robust infrastructure is built on top of Solana, which can ensure cost-effective transactions.

At a highly accessible price point of $0.014, APORK presents a compelling low barrier to entry, unlocking the potential for exponential growth for astute investors. Leading cryptocurrency analysts have issued bullish forecasts, predicting a staggering 100x price increase for APORK upon launch and subsequent listings on major exchanges, positioning it as a good crypto to buy.

Which Is a Good Crypto to Buy for the Highest ROI?

Franklin Templeton has shed some light on the future of cryptocurrencies, and Unisawp, Ondo and Angry Pepe Fork all have the potential to surge in value. However, APORK has stood out the most, as with its innovative “Conquer to Earn” program, strategically capped token supply, and leverage of the Solana blockchain, it’s a frontrunner in the altcoin space. The project presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking high-growth potential within a secure and user-centric ecosystem, making it one of the best coins to invest in.

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