Future Capital Launches $30 Million Fund for Bitcoin Companies

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Future Capital Launches $30 Million Fund for Bitcoin Companies
An Australian-based company called Future Capital Bitcoin Fund has just launched a campaign to invest $30 million in businesses that incorporate digital currencies. Photo: The Future Capital Bitcoin Fund

An Australian Future Capital Bitcoin Fund launched $30 million investment fund for businesses that involve digital currency.

The Future Capital Bitcoin Fund (FCBF) company, with headquarters in Australia, launched a campaign to invest $30 million in businesses that incorporate bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The fund is expected to be operational from May.

FCBF aims at investing in companies that facilitate exchanges, payments, trading and smart property rights based around bitcoin currency ecosystem.

The firm chose Austrlia due to its worldwide recognized financial system. The country’s legislative framework is similar to the Western system. Moreover, Australia is in proximity to main Asian financial centers.

It is not a first Australia’s bitcoin investment fund for digital currency. In the beginning of 2014, Macro Energy has bought Digital CC and became the first bitcoin firm listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Mr. Carosa, the Chairman and Co-founder of the FCBF, said: “Australia has low sovereign risk and a globally trusted financial system. This is a very exciting opportunity for global investors to participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem via Future Capital’s Bitcoin Fund.”

Applicants to the fund will be managed by Holger Arians, the investment manager of the FCBF. He has a great experience in corporate finance and strategy.

This is what he said about the investment: “We are already actively participating in the evolving Bitcoin space and we see it is at an inflection point and ready for seasoned investors to assist in bringing financial and entrepreneurial experience to this market.”

The fund is now receiving investments from global investors in USD, AUD, RMB and BTC currency.

The FCBF team has experience with Internet, mobile and tech start-ups together with expertise in specialist transactional and payment authentication. Moreover, the company has over 50 years of collective investment and fund management experience.

The firm has been involved with over 100 start-ups in previous funds, which were invested with over $ 150 million. It also has world experience across Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Silicon Valley and Germany.

FCBF chairman Mr. Carosa said about bitcoin: “Bitcoin has the potential to dramatically alter the manner in which transactions take place across the globe and the power to create new modes of financial connectivity, seamlessly across borders.”

“We view the emerging bitcoin ecosystem as an investment opportunity that has transformative potential across a raft of social, technology-based and cultural applications and we see great scope for the broader adoption of bitcoin and its related applications to redefine the global payment status quo,” he added.

The FCBF team will promote the fund at the Global Bitcoin Summit, which will be held on May 10th-11th in Beijing, and at the European Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam from 15th-17th of May.

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