Global Markets Crisis? Investing in Up-And-Coming Crypto could be Your Best Move Right Now. Filecoin (FIL) vs Seesaw Protocol (SSW)

Place/Date: - February 28th, 2022 at 8:23 pm UTC · 5 min read

Fourteen Years after the Global financial crisis of 2008 (the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression of the late 1920s), global markets seem to still be struggling to find their balance and cohesion. Uncertainty seems to be the only staple, fuelled by an ever-changing, ever-moving society with the continuing of technological and military advancement. The world fluctuates, markets suffer (or depending, rejoice).

The list of events that have and are tormented the market is long, but just to mention a few relevant ones, we have:

  • The outburst of the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus;
  • The predicted (and imminent?) Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions from the U.S.A, U.K., and all other major European Countries;
  • The possible and probable crash of Credit Suisse (oldest and most important Bank in Switzerland – land of banking and finance) being renamed by analysts the “European Lehman Brothers”;
  • The Bitcoin crash in November 2021.

These matters, together with everything else that is happening in this great big world we occupy, have made it hard to have trust in anything, especially volatility in the perceived ‘safe’ investment markets. In this article, we will unpick and explore which cryptos are worth investing in right now, even in times of market uncertainty.

Global Markets Crisis? Investing in Up-And-Coming Crypto could be Your Best Move Right Now. Filecoin (FIL) vs Seesaw Protocol (SSW)

Investing in Seesaw Protocol (SSW) in Times of Uncertainty

Not all hopes are to be lost when it comes to the crypto-markets. In early 2022 Seesaw Protocol (SSW) was born out of an urgency to create and distribute a faster, smarter version of crypto in the modern digital currency environment. We have gathered information and analytic graphs from their website and it is looking promising. In a time where (almost) everything else is down, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Filecoin (FIL) are all down right and have been for quite a while, SSW is showing a steady upward trajectory (see graph above). When can you start investing? How does SSW work and how secure is it? These are the question we’ll be answering today. First of all, the main thing to know is who and what Seesaw is. Seesaw Protocol Finance is a multi-chain DeFi and non-custodial ecosystem that allows users to farm, leverage, swap its flagship token, SSW in a fast and effective way, with an ultimate goal of creating real-world value. The altcoin is capable of generating value, amongst other things, through dispersing fees across all its existing holders. It also works on a great referral scheme that allows for interesting and alluring passive gains. (5% Token share for both the referee and referrer)

SSW was created in late 2020 by a society that wants to remain anonymous. It strives on growth and claims to be wanting to reach for the stars.

Some stats:

  • SSW had an initial launch price of $0.005% that after less than a month reached the current price of $0.08 – the market prediction is that it will be able to reach $0.45 by the end of the third presale.
  • SSW in less than a month has exceeded 1300% growth
  • SSW in less than a month has sold over 75% of the tokens available in the first presale (178,200,000 SSW)
  • SSW is expected to grow over 7500% in the next months

The numbers are going up on a daily basis and market examiners are now predicting an even further growth before spring. Why spring? Seesaw is working on presale slots right now and its launch day is April 8th. The first presale is currently open, until February 25th, so there is still time to get in early and gain through Seesaw’s democratic and transparent platform.

Investing in Filecoin (FIL) in Times of Uncertainty

Filecoin is currently down as it has been in the last months. After a very promising start, it looks like Filecoin (FIL) is not bouncing back from the recent cryptocurrency market crash. But what is Filecoin and why is it struggling so much? Think of Filecoin as the world’s biggest and most effective filing cabinet, a decentralised storing system. As reported on their website “The goal is to store humanity’s most important information”. The network (like Seesaw Protocol) works on a system of rewards that incentivises users to participate and act in an honest and straightforward way, storing as much data as they like. Users can mine and store in Filecoin Network and have the opportunity to win more blocks. The more one participates, the more blocks as a reward. FIL is the native blockchain, based on two systems: Proof-of-Replication and Proof-of-Spacetime – the blockchain also records commitments that users and participants make and stores everything in a decentralised manner, in a bid to make the web more accessible and inclusive throughout the world. The current price of FIL is $18.81 USD, down almost 5% today earning a Bearish sentiment on its volume, price, and movement on the market. The risk of price volatility of investing in Filecoin is tangible.

Underperformance and uncertainty are visible on the investment markets at this time of political and economic turmoil. However, the conclusion wants to show that even in these times, a crypto-portfolio can rise if we only make wise investments and decisions. Seesaw Protocol can be that wise investments and by entering early the possibilities of sizeable gaining are almost palpable.

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