Google Redesigns Search Website Amid Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny

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Google Redesigns Search Website Amid Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny
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Mounting regulatory pressure forced Google to make its search website more transparent and include more details about its general modus operandi.

Google LLC (NASDAQ: GOOGL) says it is redesigning how its search website works. On Monday, Google search liaison, Danny Sullivan, listed some of the new features of Search. Sullivan also stated that Google Search now has more information and seamless navigation in its repository. It also includes a ranking system that the search engine uses to sift through countless web pages. Google first created the Search website in 2016.

Google is attempting to be more transparent to observers in its internet search operational process. The multinational company says it now has sections on its site that provide more detail about the order of things. Furthermore, users can now toggle between “How Search Works” and “Our Approach,” for added clarity on search results prioritization.

Google has recently come under fire from increasing regulatory pressure. Recent lawsuits filed against the company allege that it abused its monopoly power and is not forthright about its practices. Notably, most of these lawsuits happened in the second quarter alone and focused on Google’s search website. Regulators from the Department of Justice call the Google Search business a monopoly. In addition, they question the seemingly arbitrary methods through which it operates and displays results.

A notable exception to the aforementioned lawsuits is the one filed by US state attorneys general. In July, government enforcers filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. This recent filing makes it the fourth one filed against the company by the same party within a year. The plaintiffs state that Google abused its power over app developers through its Play Store on Android.

The lawsuit compares Google’s practices with Apple’s, whose app store is also embroiled in several legal challenges over its mode of operation. These include unfairly charging developers for payments and prioritizing its own apps over those of its rivals.

Google Search Website Lawsuits Come amid Other Regulatory Measures Aimed at Tech

US President Joe Biden recently announced plans to appoint Jonathan Kanter to lead the Department of Justice’s antitrust division. Kanter is a well-known Google critic and a progressive favorite. In addition to Kanter’s planned appointment, Biden also instigated a crackdown on Big Tech.

The president signed an executive order which aims to tackle anti-competitive prices in Big Tech, labor, and numerous other sectors. The order also seeks to reshape practices around data gathering and privacy. The Biden administration believes that the major players in the tech sector are using their power to box out smaller competitors. In addition to this, the administration also alleges that these tech powerhouses are also exploiting consumers’ personal information.

Google has come a long way since its inception in 1998. It has evolved and grown into a behemoth that specializes in online advertising technologies and a search engine. In addition, it also offers cloud computing, software, and hardware services. The company is considered one of the Big Five companies in the American information technology space. Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft round out the illustrious group.

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