Google Releases Algorithm Update: Bitcoin News Censored?

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Google Releases Algorithm Update: Bitcoin News Censored?
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Search results continue to churn three days after Google announced the May 4 update. Google warned it may take a couple of weeks to settle. The changes are felt by many.

Just a few weeks Alphabet’s Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) (NASDAQ: GOOG) decided to join the fintech game with its Smart Debit Card, there is a new situation. Google seems to be blocking crypto-related content after its update. We have previously reported that the search engine giant is developing a smart debit card to beat others. This card is being developed reportedly to compete with other technology giants such as Apple Inc (NASDAQ: APPL). So, this situation doesn’t make really sense. According to the blog Search Engine Land, Google is rolling out a new core algorithm update in May.

Technical on-chain analyst, speaker, and YouTuber Christopher Jaszczynski said:

“This is public knowledge. Since Google owns YouTube this is also escalating from media outlets that rely on Google traffic to bitcoin and crypto YouTubers. All big bitcoin YouTuber’s including our MMCrypto channel are now being shadowbanned.”

Jaszczynski added:

“I noticed that in June and December 2019 the YouTube purge was happening through strikes, which prevented us from uploading our bitcoin technical analysis videos. ‘Shadow-banning’ however is more of a stealth approach. It limits the reach of YouTube videos, and as a result, this significantly decreases the number of views that we receive.”

From Google, they confirmed that on May 4, they released a broad core algorithm update, as they do several times per year. “It is called the May 2020 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before,” said Google.

Views Dropping by 90% after Google Algorithm Update

However, Google’s update is not limited only to crypto YouTuber’s but also hit some crypto news outlets as well. Carl Runefelt, YouTuber and founder of The Moon AB commented that the latest development regarding YouTube censorship against Bitcoin-videos is very alarming.

He said:

“I’ve never seen this before on my channel, and now it is happening to all of the biggest YouTubers in the Bitcoin space simultaneously in the past few days. After three hours of uploading the video, suddenly the views drop by 90%, and it can not be seen in search results. Also, some of my 100,000 subscribers have reported that my videos are no longer getting recommended to them.”

He went on further saying that this does not only affect YouTube. Also, he says, U.Today had a significant decline in Google search traffic yesterday.

Jaszczynski says that the beauty of Bitcoin is that it is non-confiscable and censorship-resistant.

Education Is Important

Jaszczynski says education is important. “People have to be educated about things like gold and bitcoin to secure their wealth. Central banks are printing more money than ever and if this continues we might see hyperinflation evolving in a few years,” explained he.

When asked about what can be done if Google continues to block and shadow crypto content, Jaszczynski answered:

“We are right now decentralizing our audience. Besides our Main YouTube Channel, we have another German Channel MMCrypto DE, Telegram Channels with more than 15’000 members, and also our Twitter account MMCrypto. Furthermore, we will open accounts on decentralized streaming platforms.”

However, if Google continues crypto censorship, there may no be a possibility for Jaszczynski to use another platform. If that happens, probably others could follow as well.

Google’s presumed crypto censorship comes at an opportune time. Right now, Bitcoin is nearing its third BTC halving, an event that has historically seen Bitcoin reach all-time new highs.

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