Hada DBank Secure Partnership with DE Asset Management Through $500,000 Investment

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Hada DBank Secure Partnership with DE Asset Management Through $500,000 Investment
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Hada DBank has begun a successful collaboration with DE Asset Management Ltd, after receiving a $500,000 USD investment.

Hada DBank represents itself as the world’s first Islamic bank based on blockchain technology. Having recently received a $500,000 USD investment from DE Asset Management Ltd, Hada DBank has announced the beginning of a long-term business partnership between the two companies.

DE Asset Management Ltd has previously worked on a variety of investment projects internationally. Now the company aims to develop and launch its own cryptocurrency fund with the help of Hada DBank. In terms of the successful collaboration, DE has recently solidified its support of Hada DBank through the $500,000 USD investment that was endowed to Hada DBank through their token presale.

Since 2013, DE Asset Management Ltd has been procuring venture capital investments and strategic partnerships internationally, including in the USA, the Middle East, the UK and Southeast Asia.

Initially, the company was found in 2010 as a sole proprietor under the name Darrell Emmanuel Asset Management. Originally it was famous for heavy investments into the energy sector, with a major focus on renewable energy technology. Then, DE turned to investing mostly in the employment industry and healthcare. Only in 2017 DE began investing in the crypto industry. Now the company has already invested in a number of ICO’s.

DE Asset Management Ltd President, Darrell Emmanuel, recently spoke out on the new partnership with Hada DBank. He praised both the ethics and team members behind Hada DBank, before projecting a promising future for the banking company. Darrell went on to describe the relationship between DE and Hada DBank as a symbiotic one, where he hoped both companies could develop and grow together. DE’s decision to secure such a large number of HADACoins proves these claims.

CEO of Hada DBank, Mohd Al-Shazanous, has also openly voiced support for the collaboration, as well as an appreciation for the help the banking company has received from strategic business partners and investors. Mohd stated he was very happy with the initial investment from DE via the token sales, and believed it would lead to a long and prosperous partnership between the two businesses as they challenge to expand the field of blockchain technology.

Hada DBank sees its main goal in revolutionizing the banking industry, through combining blockchain technology with the Islamic Banking Module. Blockchain technology confronts the challenges customers face in traditional banking, providing a more efficient, secure system as a solution to major issues. With full transparency for all parties involved in the technology, it is well suited to the Islamic Banking Module that promotes ethical banking and investment.

Hada DBank’s Pre-ICO is currently live, with an ongoing flash sale for the 1st one million tokens going up for sale at 1ETH = 4,000 HADACoin.

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