HTC to Launch Exodus 1s: Blockchain Smartphones Become a Lot Cheaper

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HTC to Launch Exodus 1s: Blockchain Smartphones Become a Lot Cheaper
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In Q3 2019, HTC will introduce its new blockchain device Exodus 1s that will be the first smartphone to have full node capabilities.

It has become known that in Q3 2019, electronics company HTC will introduce its new innovative smartphone that will help to make crypto and blockchain technology closer to a wider audience.

Exodus 1s: What’s New?

It is expected that the new Exodus 1s will gain much popularity in comparison to the already available Exodus 1 as it will be sold much cheaper. It is expected that it will be possible to become an owner of a new smartphone paying a sum under $300, while to get Exodus 1 you need to pay $699.

Though the key specs of the device haven’t been revealed yet, the company has already disclosed that the smartphone will support “web 3.0” decentralized apps. Moreover, it is said that its owners will have a possibility to use it as a secure wallet for their crypto asset. But the most important thing about it is that it will be the first smartphone ever to have full node capabilities.

Phil Chen, decentralized chief officer at HTC, stated:

“With the EXODUS 1, we gave people the power to own their own keys, now we’re giving people the power to run their own node. It’s about building technology for the free world.”

From the technical point of view, it means that Exodus 1s is designed to hold the full Bitcoin blockchain ledger and that it is able not only to validate transactions but to transmit them to other distributed points as well.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like every user of this smartphone will actively use these functions as to store the full Bitcoin ledger on your device you need more than 200GB. It means that for its storage it’s needed to have a large microSD card.

But at the same time, the company promises that it will be possible to store a smaller “pruned down” version on the phone itself, as it will be about 10GB in size. However, it’s highly possible that functioning as a node will still take a significant part on a phone’s battery life.

“Running a node is maybe the most important part of the blockchain as it helps secure the network; every one of them acts as an authoritative verifier of every single transaction of the block,” said Chen explaining the benefits of their new device.

He added:

“We first empowered the user by owning their own keys and now we’re focused on empowering the user to run their own node to help secure and grow the network.”

Given the appealing price of a new device, it is expected that some users may purchase Exodus 1s only to use it as a full node while they will use another device as their primary phone.

At the same time, HTC says that the original Exodus 1 will also get the ability to function as a full node later this year that’s why there are no reasons for those who have already purchased this model to buy a new device.

Other Blockchain Devices

Let us also remind you that not only HTC offers devices that could attract the attention of crypto enthusiasts. For example, last November, Sirin Lab introduced its long-awaited blockchain smartphone FINNEY phone while Samsung released its Galaxy S10 and S10+ devices with built-in crypto support this February.

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