XRP Surges as Stuttgart Börse Lists XRP and Litecoin Based ETNs

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XRP Surges as Stuttgart Börse Lists XRP and Litecoin Based ETNs
Börse Stuttgart. Photo: Fred Romero / Flickr

Börse Stuttgart (SWB), the second-largest stock exchange in Germany, has listed XRP and Litecoin-traded notes (ETNs). Issued through XBT Provider, the ETNs can now be traded against the Swedish krona (SEK) and euro (EUR).

Germany’s second largest stock exchange the Börse Stuttgart announced that they will add trading of Litecoin and Ripple’s XRP token to their services in the form of ETN’s – unsecured debt securities that, like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), are traded on a stock exchange.

The listing follows last month’s news that XRP will be listed on Swedish exchange Nordic Growth Market (NGM), which is also owned by the Börse Stuttgart. In the statement they said:

“For the first time in Germany, investors can now buy and sell exchange-traded notes (ETNs) based on the cryptocurrencies Litecoin and Ripple (XRP). The four securities issued by XBT Provider in Sweden track the price of the two cryptocurrencies in relation to the euro and the Swedish krona.”

XRP is trading up almost four percent after enjoying a sudden boost at around 2:30 am (GMT) today. A huge injection of volume pushed the price to a high of $0.328 before leveling off to current levels of $0.322. The asset reached a high of almost $0.34 during this past weekend’s crypto market bull run but retraced to $0.30 soon after.

Just for a reminder, last week Ripple has released the xCurrent 4.0 protocol. With it, Ripple’s more than 200 customers will be able to easily integrate the xRapid payment system that leverages the XRP digital asset. However, that didn’t seem to be helping to the price rise so analysts are hoping that this kind of popularization of the currency, could bring the XRP closer to the top.

Products as ETNs are famous for allowing investors to gain exposure to asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, without actually purchasing them directly.

Börse Stuttgart’s director for blue chips & funds trading, Jürgen Dietrich confirmed that there is a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies and that such ETNs will allow investors in Germany to track future price developments of the two cryptocurrencies for the first time.

ETNs are known to operate as strictly regulated, transparent, and protected instruments that can be used by investors to invest in various assets.

Cryptocurrency exchanges may be convincing for many individual users due to their liquidity and ease of access. But, for some, the lack of investor protection can be an obstruction.

The Börse Stuttgart stock exchange has been always acting pro-crypto. They are offering crypto trading and storage and have also announced a complete, end-to-end infrastructure for digital assets back in August 2018, although they have not specified when this infrastructure could launch.

The idea is to offer a platform for initial coin offerings (ICOs), a trading venue, as well as custody services for cryptocurrencies, all under one roof. Also, earlier this year, Börse Stuttgart officially launched its crypto-trading application, Bison.

Another European stock exchange that offers ETPs is Switzerland’s principal stock exchange SIX. Last month Coinspeaker has reported that SIX listed the world’s first XRP-based ETP issued by crypto derivative development firm Amun.

Earlier, SIX approved the listing of the world’s first multi-crypto-based ETP and is now planning to launch such products for other digital assets.

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