ICObazaar Rolls Out the New Platform to connect ICOs with Investors and Potential Employees

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ICObazaar Rolls Out the New Platform to connect ICOs with Investors and Potential Employees
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ICObazaar introduces the world its easy-to-use platform, which connects ICOs with investors and the potential employees within one ecosystem.

As more and more companies from around the globe are turning to blockchain technology, seeking to open new opportunities for their businesses, the blockchain market is currently experiencing an explosive growth, which is not going to stop in the near future.

According to the recent research, an avarage of 183 startups running ICOs tend to close sales in 3 months. After that, they focuse on expanding their teams for further product delivery. Each company after closing ICO has an average of two or three open positions waiting for the talented employees to come.

The ICObazaar platform unites all of the ICOs seeking for the talented professionals listed on a one easy-to-use ecosystem and comunicates with them in order to take control over demand, which is currently rather huge. According to the ICObazaar’s data, the demand is growing exponentially. In 2017, it increased by 115%, which demonstrates a great shortage of both tech and non-tech talented professionals on the market, who would be eager to take a challenge of developing the arising startups.

ICObazaar allows businesses to register their ICOs or Pre-ICOs on the platform in order to reach their audience and attract more investors. The process of listing is free of charge for a one month of trial and takes only three simple steps. All the companies need to do for the listing is providing their basic info, whitepaper, roadmap, team, media and token sale details.

For those who want to attract more investors for their projects can also purchase the platform’s premium account to get some special bonuses. As for the candidates, no fees are required to list their CVs, so that anyone can easily get an opportunity to try himself in a rapidly developing field.

Apart from everything mentioned above, the platform conduct market researches regularly and provides its users with independent ICO ratings and reviews from experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance, and investing. This information is very useful especially for investors seeking for new ideas in blockchain tech to contribute and promote their further development.

With ICObazaar, investors can easily navigate the ICO market, where new cryptocurrencies are generated and promoted almost every day, and to choose projects, which are worth of their investments, from a wide range of ICOs listed on the platform in an aim to attract contributions to solve problems of accountability, efficiency, and trust in every sector from tech to finance to shopping to entertainment.

The platform was officially launched at the end of August. The web-site is currently working and provides all the neccessary information for the newcomers. Among the most famous companies who already have their information listed on ICObazaar are Orca Alliance, Oxygen Trade, CoinTelegraph Store, and Modern Token Agency.

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