Internxt Wants to Build the New Internet, INXT Price Rose to New-High of $25

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Internxt Wants to Build the New Internet, INXT Price Rose to New-High of $25
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Yesterday the price of INXT token hit new high of $25,23 showing no sign of letting up: given Internxt’s intention to launch X Cloud Alpha version in January 2018, further price increase is expected.

Nowadays the internet includes websites, files and apps hosted on centralized servers, which belong to private companies or government institutions. As a result, private information can be under the threat of hacker attacks.

Internxt is a Peer-To-Peer (P2P) cloud computing network, that is developing a new internet based on decentralized cloud technology. The main goal of Internxt is to create the internet of new generation where the principal peculiarity will be decentralization and protection of private information.

“With X Cloud, we don’t have access to your files, nor does our P2P network, since the files are end-to-end encrypted and only small pieces of the files are kept in each machine. Your files are yours. You have the right for serious cloud storage,” the company states on its website.

Another goal of Internxt is to bring an advanced technology to every person, who has personal computer and access to the internet.

As a decentralized storage system Internxt takes a file, breaks it into many little pieces and then stores them on the various hosts, providing safety and high loading speed.

“By using X Cloud, we encrypt your files with the world’s most advanced encryption systems, split them, distribute and replicate them amongst different machines in our P2P network,” the company says.

The first information about Internxt’s intention to create new internet and to issue Internxt token (INXT) came up in August 2017. Internxt ICO started on September 7 and lasted till September 28.

Demand for INXT increases together with popularity of Internxt platform and the number of customers. It reflects positively on its price, which is continually rising on the exchanges. Yesterday price of INXT tokens, which can be used for payment purposes within the platform, hit new high of $25,23, according to data from CoinMarketCap. In fact, the token rose by 600% since the beginning of December.

Further price increase can be expected as Internxt has confirmed development schedule and intends to launch X Cloud Alpha version with all core infrastructure codes in January 2018. By the end of April, the first Beta version of X Cloud for Windows, OS X, Android, and IOS should be released. A full stable release for all versions should be available by the end of May 2018.

Internxt can be compared to Amazon, the first American e-commerce company, which made revolution in the sphere of online sales although few people and investors believed in this idea from the beginning. The company needed more than 5 years to get first profits. Nowadays Amazon is one of the most expensive companies together with Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft.

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