First Stable Version of Blockchain-based Internxt X Cloud Storage Platform Goes Live

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First Stable Version of Blockchain-based Internxt X Cloud Storage Platform Goes Live
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The X Cloud Storage platform leverages blockchain technology along with end-to-end encryption while offering its users secure file-sharing solutions.

As the decentralized blockchain technology continues to penetrate different business domains, several cloud sharing platforms are considering its potential use. Internxt envisions such superior cloud storage services by combining elements of distributed technology and end-to-end encryption.

On Wednesday, March 27, the company launched its first stable version of its innovative cloud service, X Cloud.

A Brief About X Cloud

The X Cloud leverages the power of decentralized blockchain technology and stores all of the users’ personal data on the distributed X Core network. Furthermore, all files are end-to-encrypted using secure encryption methods. Later, these files undergo a fragmentation process and further distributed to different machines across the globe.

This decentralized storage and distribution mechanism facilitates better security of the user-file. Moreover, it also reduces the vulnerability to third-party access and external attacks. Also, at the heart of X Cloud lies a robust and highly secure infrastructure.

With its decentralized cloud storage service X Cloud, Internxt plans a major disruption in cloud storage business challenging the like of established players like Dropbox and others.

File Sharing Over the X Cloud

The X Cloud platform is directly accessible through the web interface. Signing up on the platform gives you automatic access to its Free Plan offering 1 GB of secure, free storage space forever.

Further, when one uploads a file to X Cloud, it gets sharded. Herein each shard is stored and replicated to a different X Core node. Upon downloading the file, these shards come back together and decrypted. Also, the good thing is that only you have the ability to access and decrypt the files. This is because only you know the key to encrypt and decrypt these; your password.

Furthermore, users can now purchase Internxt tokens (INXT) from the market in order to pay X Core Hosts. In November 2018, crypto exchange Coinbase allowed users to store INXT tokens in their native crypto wallet.

Internxt is planning to add more features to this app going further. The official announcement reads:

“During the next few weeks, we expect to add the ability to securely share encrypted files with those you want to. We will soon also add the possibility to pay via PayPal and with INXT, as well as the ability to search files and change file and folder names and colors. We will also launch the iOS/Android apps, desktop app, and CLI client for X Cloud”.

Hopefully, X Cloud can prove to be a game changer in the cloud services industry while ensuring better protection of customer data and information.

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