Internxt Added to Coinbase Wallet, Boasts Robust Price Surge

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Internxt Added to Coinbase Wallet, Boasts Robust Price Surge
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INXT price has started to rise after it was announced that now it is possible to store INXT in safe Coinbase wallets.

All members of the crypto community (no matter whether they are active participants or silent observers) know how quickly the crypto market reacts to different changes and how vulnerable it is to various factors.

Blockchain-based startup Internxt, that is trying to build the internet of new generation with the help of the decentralized cloud technology, has announced that its native Internxt tokens (INXT) now can be stored in Coinbase wallet.

According to the strartup’s team, the X Cloud platform that they are building is able to guarantee total security of all stored data and files, 100% privacy and easy usage, leaving such giants as iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox aside and taking their place. The platform’s token is intended to be used for payments for its services.

The startup has taken a decision to make an option to store INXT in private wallets available for all cryptocurrency holders with a view to provide them with a safer alternatinve to holding assets directly in an exchange’s wallet. When traders have their own wallets, only they themselves are in control of their holdings, while in the second situation a third party manages them.

This news was announced on November, 2 which has immediately boosted the market.

Market Reaction

The price for INXT is continuously growing. On November, 5 INXT made headlines once again. Over the previous 24 hours it gained 29.4% against the dollar, while over the previous seven-day period it managed to gain almost 40% against the fiat.

At the press time INXT is traded for $2,87 USD having gained 19,61% over the last 24 hours. A total market cap amounts to $1.8 million and approximately $11,000 worth of INXT was traded during the last 24-hour period.

After the news about a new opportunity to store INXT in Coinbase Wallet, traders definitely have started to show more interest in holding this cryptocurrency which has resulted into an active growth of its value.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that it is not the first case of movement up demonstrated by Internxt token this autumn

Previous Growth

In September, as it was reported by CoinSpeaker, while the first decentralized internet service X Cloud was gaining popularity, the price of its native token was going up as well. At that time, following the release of the platform’s Beta version, the token was traded for approximately $3 but it was gaining not so quickly if compared with the pace we observe today.

However, today’s growth can’t be considered to be a record for INXT. Last December it took less than a month for the price to increase by 600% and reach $25,23 when the community was waiting for X Cloud Alpha version. Since that time INXT has experienced several ups and downs and now it’s up again.

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