KICK ECOSYSTEM Redefines Digital Asset Trading Standards by Introducing KICKEX Exchange

August 9th, 2019 at 2:10 pm UTC · 4 min read

KICK ECOSYSTEM introduces KICKEX, an advanced-trading digital asset exchange that takes bank-grade approach to architecture and security and features unique trading instruments that have so far not been implemented by any other digital asset trading platform such as robust customisable orders, that will further evolve, paired with order constructor helping the trader to set them up.

Powered by high-end tech and capable of handling 200 thousand transactions per second in the prototype version and up to 5 million transactions as the number of users grows, KICKEX aims to redefine trading standards. KICKEX TradeNET, the first professional social network for traders, introduced by the exchange will benefit from the existing ecosystem community and capitalise on the fast-growing social trading trend. KICKEX, launching in Q4 2019, offers credit card deposits and trade-on-the-go mobile application with built-in analytics in the pipeline.

KICKEX users will benefit from the lowest trading fees available at the digital asset trading platforms to date with basic maker and taker fees of 0.075% and 0.1% that can be effectively decreased even to 0.032% and 0.05% respectively, cashback on all trades in liquid KEX tokens, facilitated by a comprehensive professional exchange terminal interface and a three-click currency exchanger.

KICKEX trading terminal allows to make orders way more customisable and powerful than anywhere else. Among all, it offers unique trading automation tools such as trailing stop and double stop allowing to make the most of the market, as well as smart orders constructor, making first trading steps easy and comprehensive.

Anti Danilevski, CEO & Founder of KICK ECOSYSTEM, explains:

“Unique KICKEX trading automation tools bring users the functionality that has so far been possible at digital asset trading platforms only when using external trading bots and software and entail high risks. KICKEX users can create postponed orders accompanied by both trailing stops and stop losses that activate when the price of an asset reaches a certain level and move along with the price to ensure the order is executed at the best market conditions available without any trader involvement whatsoever. Performed solely via internal KICKEX trading tools not available at any other digital asset exchange, such trading automation eliminates potential security and fund loss threats related to using external tools and makes trading easy and convenient.”

This feature is just a small fraction of the trading automation infrastructure planned for KICKEX, that will allow everyone to trade at the level close to traders using special bots or other software for trading.

KICKEX will feature KICKEX TradeNET, the first professional social network for traders. Social trading is one of the fastest growing trends and KICKEX users will be in the pole position to make the most of the market thanks to it. KICKEX TradeNET will provide the best infrastructure for traders of any level to communicate, educate and cooperate with each other. It will feature sharing trading strategies and signals which will be rewarded, traders rating and following.

Danilevski concludes:

“KICKEX security and smart funds decentralization are our core development priorities. We are utilising CISCO next-generation hardware firewalls, each worth over USD30,000, DELL Servers stack, mix of own geographically distributed Data Centers and Cloud hostings based on private network with 3DES encryption, the most advanced and modern data access algorithms, real-time intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms with renewable signatures of new attack types and ways, own and service provider level DDoS mitigation, automatic start of under attack mode if suspicious activity is detected, Trusted Platform Module protecting from the physical access to the servers.

A white label B2B SAAS solution tackling the liquidity problem every opening exchange faces is also in our pipeline. We are aiming to make KICKEX an Uber of the digital asset exchanges as we move forward and not aware of any other exchange where architecture would contain as many unique features as KICKEX.”

Traders can join KICKEX referral program as soon as September 1st, 2019.


KICK ECOSYSTEM is a one-stop solution for crypto society based on two fundamental functionalities: fundraising and exchange ecosystem that is secure, easy to use, and community driven. It aims to make cryptocurrency fundraising fair and trading clear, transparent and comprehensive for the public and securities regulators in various countries.

The ecosystem includes a cryptocurrency exchange KICKEX along with a white label token sale solution KICKDESK, a unified login system KICKID, a multi-currency wallet KICKWALLET, a crypto payment gateway KICKPAY, ad network integration KICKCPA, a multi-level referral network KICKREF, a comprehensible app KICKMOBILE, and a fully revamped KICKICO platform, made from scratch, with an innovate auction-based fundraising model.

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