Lamborghini Partners With Salesforce to Authenticate Cars Using Blockchain Technology

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by Tolu Ajiboye · 3 min read
Lamborghini Partners With Salesforce to Authenticate Cars Using Blockchain Technology
Photo: Lamborghini / Twitter

Lamborghini has announced that it will now begin using blockchain technology from Salseforce, to authenticate its cars. This will significantly simply the process which usually takes a long time and gulps heavy resources.

Before now, a few car makers in the past have announced blockchain adoption for several features such as automatic toll payments and charging – as in the case of electric vehicles. According to a recent announcement, Lamborghini has now joined the league. The sports car maker has announced that it will be using a blockchain platform provided by Salesforce, for the process of authenticating its cars available on the secondary market.

The usual procedure for Lamborghini authentication is a very long, tedious and expensive one. Before any of its cars is resold, it would have to undergo series of tests for certification – usually between 800 to 1,000 checks – which take place at the company headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, a small town in Italy.

Lamborghini specifically documents every step of the car’s history using a large number of professionals and companies that consist of photographers, repair outfits, dealerships and even auction houses, to make sure every part of the car’s history is known and also to authenticate all of its parts especially as they correspond to the car’s documented service history. The luxury carmaker has now decided that using blockchain technology to create an immutable record for all of these, makes the process a lot easier, transparent, and trusted.

According to Salesforce SVP of Emerging Technology Adam Caplan, the partnership between both companies will transform the market:

“Blockchain is changing the way companies approach trust and transparency. Lamborghini is a perfect example of this – we’re excited to see how such an iconic brand is able to innovate and transform the vintage car market with a cutting-edge technology like Salesforce Blockchain.”

Salesforce has also said that as soon as everything is ready, every Lamborghini car will have its own “record of service” available on the blockchain. This will contain all required data including any servicing or restoration is done, as well as specific information about its previous owners. The information will help to not only ensure proper records but also prevent “potential counterfeiting.”

Lamborghini head of After Sales Paolo Gabrielli, has also said that regardless of the company’s age (56 years old), it has always kept a keen eye on new and emerging technologies, and how these offerings can be used to innovate with both its core business and its product as well. Gabrielli said:

“Salesforce Blockchain will allow us to take our innovation a step further, accelerating the authenticity of our heritage vehicles faster than ever.”

Back in May, Salesforce launched its Salesforce Blockchain to help businesses who need blockchain solutions, adopt the technology easily. Since then, it has on-boarded four clients including the Arizona State University, IQVIA health research firm, S&P Global ratings, and now Lamborghini.

In August, a one-off Lamborghini Aventador S was on display at the Monterey Car Week which took place in California. With street art from artist Skyler Grey, the car was also certified on the Salesforce Blockchain as a way to protect it as a work of art.

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