LATOKEN Schedules VI Blockchain Economic Forum with $3B AUM of Confirmed Funds Among Participants

Place/Date: London - September 5th, 2019 at 10:39 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: LATOKEN, Source: LATOKEN

LATOKEN Schedules VI Blockchain Economic Forum with $3B AUM of Confirmed Funds Among Participants

LATOKEN will hold VI Blockchain Economic Forum on the 20th September in London. The top-10 cryptocurrency exchange will host the blockchain industries premier VC/blockchain funds and startups to discuss future capital market, fundraising and strategy.

Over 30 VC/crypto funds with total assets under management over $3 billion have confirmed their participation. Among them:

  • Karim-Patrick Khiar, Partner at COMAC Capital (AUM $1 billion);
  • Henry Elder, Director of Investment strategies at Wavemaker Genesis ($300 million);
  • Michael Bucella, Partner of BlockTower Capital ($140 million);
  • Lewis Fellas, Director at Bletchley Park Asset Management ($120 million);
  • Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors ($50 million).

The list of confirmed participants also includes executives from CoinShares, VU Capital, Bletchley Park Asset Management, Napoleon Capital, FGC Group, Arca Funds, Grow VC Group, Columbus Capital, Prime Factor Capital, Base58, etc.

Panel discussions will be joined by Fund executives to review recent and future market trends. “Round Table Money 2025”, “Venture Capital 2025”, “Hedge Funds 2025” and “Seeking Alpha: The Traders and Portfolio investors panel”.

A separate discussion will be around monetary policy and governance for Libra and L. Libra is a blockchain digital currency proposed by Facebook and L is a global currency proposed by LATOKEN to help millions of people access the new global financial system.

Internationally acclaimed industry leaders, multi-billion-dollar VC funds, top fintech founders and CEOs visit Blockchain Economic Forum regularly to discuss the transition of capital markets and payment systems to the blockchain.

Vicente Fox (former President of Mexico), Rosen Plevneliev (former President of Bulgaria), Tim Draper, Nouriel Roubini (NYU professor), Joe Oliver (former Minister of Finance of Canada), Laura Tyson (former Director of the US President’s National Economic Council), Gary Gensler (CFTC Chairman under President Obama) and many others used to be speakers on LATOKEN events.

Register and see more details on LATOKEN Investors’ Reception in London here:

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