Launchpool Showcases Egalitarian Investment Model in Dynamic World of Crypto

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Launchpool Showcases Egalitarian Investment Model in Dynamic World of Crypto
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By staking LPT, a holder of the asset would be able to access an equal portion of whatever deal is on offer.

One undeniable fact is that launching a project on blockchain can be very challenging for beginners and even experts in the field. To overcome this challenge, a project that is able to ameliorate the current situation by making every stakeholder involved in the system feel a sense of belonging and an equal footing in the dealings of the project.

This is where a project like Launchpool that believes every stakeholder in a project adds value and at the same time, should be treated equally. To put it in simple terms, Launchpool tries to mobilize the strengths of stakeholders in a project by providing incentives that would result in more unity and also help to facilitate the overall success of a project.

The platform does this through connecting every member of the crypto community to a transparent and novel way of investing in a project. At the same time, holders of its native token, LPT, have the advantage of being able to access deals that might, hitherto, have been reserved for large investment funds. In essence, this means that Launchpool is a leveler as it places everyone on the same pedestal.

By staking LPT, a holder of the asset would be able to access an equal portion of whatever deal is on offer. And together with the stakeholders of the project, LPT holders form a community that is incentivized to actively participate in the activities of the community. 

Also, during the token distribution phase, LPT would be readily available as a reward for those who might have staked other tokens on the platform. The beautiful part of this is that this would remain open for all to participate in.

One of the advantages of staking LPT is that a stakeholder would still have more access to obtain tokens of other notable projects which inadvertently promotes the culture of equality because there is no preference given to anyone. Another notable advantage of the project is that holders of the token would have access to projects that might still be in their early stage which gives the best chance to accommodate tokens at the best price possible. Thus, token holders are granted a golden opportunity to become part of the most promising projects’ community.

Launchpool would have a total supply of 10 million tokens; and its tokens would be distributed over 30 days save for operational tokens that would be used to provide liquidity. The project is expected to comply with regulations and policies guiding its operations within each jurisdiction. And it aims to launch its first projects shortly after its token distribution in the first quarter of this year.

Launchpool is the brainchild of some of the biggest names in the crypto industry. Alphabit, in association with its other partners like FBG, Stack Funds, Protocol Ventures, Jun Capital, GBIC, Alpha Sigma Capital, Master Ventures, and A195 Capital came together to develop this project. It is worthy to note that this project is not in any way affiliated with Binance or the Binance Launchpool.

It leverages the experience, capital, contacts, and communities of its development team to help the crypto project reach its zenith in this ever-growing crypto space. 

Interested investors can become a part of the community by becoming a part of its inner circle. 

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