Level01 Provides Affordable Bitcoin Options Trading from Just $4

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Level01 Provides Affordable Bitcoin Options Trading from Just $4
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Aside from the AI, Level01 displays few great innovations such as providing traders the ability to swap USDT to LVX or vice versa on the app itself, skipping the need to go to exchanges.

In the current cryptocurrency market, owning a full Bitcoin has become increasingly expensive, and chances are prices will go up more in the near future. Even at the current price, spending $34,000 on a digital token seems exorbitant. But most people are still keen on profiting from the bullish prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Level01 provides a viable alternative through affordable options trading starting from $4 (based on the current price of their LVX token). Best of all, new or veteran traders will be guided by their unique FairSense AI, which predicts the risks and rewards of a trade-in real-time.

How Level01 Changes the Game

On the surface, cryptocurrencies represent an open and free market accessible by anyone. However, the prices of Bitcoin have made it quite difficult to do spot trading on the exchanges unless one has lots a money. The same applies to long term holders, at over $34,000, not many can afford to buy it and hold for long term appreciation. If you have limited funds and still want to profit from the price movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can try options trading on Level01 App.

Level01 is perfect for users who are new to the markets and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Contrary to other platforms, it costs just $4 to trade Bitcoin on this platform. The app also provides 10,000 demo tokens for you to try out options trading with AI-guidance before you jump into real money mode.

For the more careful or veteran traders who may be wary of risks from trading options (also known as derivatives). Level01 provides a fair and safe trading environment and access to its proprietary AI known as FairSense. FairSense AI predicts your chances of winning a trade (called win ratio on the app) using real-time data from Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. Both new and veteran traders stand to benefit immensely from this powerful feature.

Users will notice the app doesn’t just focus on Bitcoin, although it is a big market. Options trading expands to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and XRP, as well as popular Forex and Commodity markets. Bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and cryptocurrencies is a vital part of attracting newcomers and traditional derivatives traders.

Growing Options Trading Appeal

It is not hard to see why options trading gains momentum among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and speculators. Users can benefit from several advantages that one wouldn’t experience otherwise:

  • You don’t have to own the asset you are trading.
  • You can make money by speculating on prices going up or down.
  • The peer-to-peer trading approach ensures more profits for all participants.
  • Risk/reward is calculated by the FairSense AI, increasing traders’ chances of winning their trades.
  • All settlement occurs on the Ethereum blockchain for transparency and reliability.
  • All trades are done easily and conveniently on your mobile phone.

The advantages outlined above provide a robust, feature-rich, and easy to comprehend options trading experience. With data sourced from Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, price information will always be reliable and accurate in real-time. More importantly, Level01 is non-custodial, ensuring users maintain control of their funds at all times via the private wallet on the app.

With just $4, you too can profit from price movements on the Level01 DeFi platform. It is the minimum threshold to create a derivatives/options contract valued in the platform’s native LVX token. FairSense AI risk and rewards assessment will appeal to both safe traders and risk-takers. Risk takers can choose contracts that have a lower chance of winning and higher payouts while more conservative traders can opt for those contracts with high win ratios.

Aside from the AI, Level01 displays few great innovations such as providing traders the ability to swap USDT to LVX or vice versa on the app itself, skipping the need to go to exchanges. This instant swap is powered by the popular DeFi exchange, Uniswap, a testimonial to Level01’s ability to integrate many useful platforms to benefit its users.

Level01 Provides Affordable Bitcoin Options Trading from Just $4

Photo: Level01

Always an Opportunity to Make Money

When owning a physical Bitcoin in a portfolio, one has to monitor the market and sell at the right time. With options trading, there is less pressure compared to holding a token, which can be harrowing when sharp drops happen. Traders can make money regardless of the market going up or down. If you think prices are going to drop, just open a price down contract. You will know the results (win/loss) often within a day or so, perfect for people who like to make money riding on market volatility. Bitcoin is a volatile asset by default and often experiences wild price swings in either direction.

More importantly, options trading can serve as a hedge against financial loss. Trading cryptocurrencies is a risky endeavor. Hedging against losses by opening derivatives positions can help reduce the financial strain on one’s portfolio. For example, if you hold Bitcoin and think prices will drop, you can open a price down contract instead of selling off the Bitcoin in your wallet. Additionally, it can also serve as a way to double down on a market trend, but with a much lower investment cost and risk.

It is also crucial to note that Level01 has a strategic partnership with AGDelta. As the leading digital wealth platform provider, AGDelta’s distribution capabilities are integrated into Level01’s buy-side. That approach ensures sufficient trading liquidity at all hours of the day.


There are many reasons to explore Bitcoin options trading today. The low cost of entry, exposure to the world’s leading cryptocurrency’s volatility, and ample liquidity ensure a smooth trading experience for all users.

Level01 bundles these features into a mobile application available on the Google Play Store today. Combined with the demo mode, traders can get an idea of how options trading works without making any financial commitments right away. Users also receive demo LVX tokens in this mode, allowing them to experiment with options trading contracts across all supported markets. Visit Level01.io for more information.

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