MATIC Token Price Tanks 70% in Flash Crash, Company Issues Clarification

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MATIC Token Price Tanks 70% in Flash Crash, Company Issues Clarification
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MATIC token saw a flash crash with several stop losses getting triggered over the rumor that founders of the Matic Foundation were liquidating their holdings.

It has turned out to be a horrible day for Matic (MATIC) token investors as the token price has crashed over 70% in a single hour. Today, December 10, the MATIC price has hit a low of $0.012 before partially recovering, as per the chart on CoinMarketCap.

Popular crypto traders and analysts took it to Twitter talking about this carnage.

Today’s price tank has wiped off all of the investors’ gains over the last month. At press time, MATIC is trading for a price of $0.019 with a market cap of $50 million. Currently, there’s no clear reason why the MATIC token price is crashing but two theories are floating in the market at this point.

MATIC Token Massive Price Crash

Twitter user Samuel Gosling tweeted that millions of dollars worth of MATIC tokens have been sent from the Matic Network Foundation’s wallet to other crypto exchanges like Binance. This has led to the speculation that the founders of the project have been cashing-out their token holdings.

With the panic created in the market, several sell orders resulted in the triggering of multiple stop losses thereby creating a cascading effect.

Upon further investigation into the matter, it has turned out that the claims by Samuel aren’t true. Well, the damage is already done, and the fall has been brutal thereby heavily hurting investors.

Matic Foundation Issues Clarification

The Matic Network Foundation has been quick to issue a clarification to its community. In its blog post, it wrote:

“We want to strongly state that the allegations of token movement from our Foundation account, made by a FUD account against Matic team are completely baseless.”

Co-founder of the Matic Foundation Sandeep Nailwal also issued a clarification on Twitter.

With Binance being the IEO platform provider for MATIC, CEO Changpeng Zhao also issued a statement in favor of Matic. He said:

“Our team is still investigating the data, but it’s already clear that the MATIC team has nothing to do with it. A number of big traders panicked, causing a cycle. Going to be a tough call on how much an exchange should interfere with people’s trading”.

In another tweet, Samuel Gosling who triggered the FUD apologized for his miscalculation saying only 3% of the supply was liquidated.

Well, FUD has always been a part of the crypto industry but this was certainly uncalled for. With major investors liquidating their MATIC tokens, will they return to buy again?

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