Meet Bitfury Clarke – New, More Efficient Bitcoin Mining Chip Introduced by Bitfury

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Meet Bitfury Clarke – New, More Efficient Bitcoin Mining Chip Introduced by Bitfury
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The world’s leading producer of crypto-mining hardware, BitFury disrupts the market with a new highly efficient ASIC mining chip.

The concept of cryptocurrency mining is rather simple. Theoretically, one have to resolve a math equation in order to verify and add a new block into the public chain and ultimately get a reward, the cryptocurrency namely.

Once the cryptocurrency hype was on its earlier stages and the network did not exhibit such an influx of miners, one could easily realise a cryptocurrency using a internet-connected device of any capacity starting from a cell phone to personal laptop, yet as the network has been loaded,  the speed of calculation became a crucial factor.

Consequently, the price of graphical processing units, a beloved mining aggregate frequently used by cryptocurrency adopters, has been pegged to the market value of digital coins, thus galvanizing a wave of outrage amidst the gamer community.

The hardware manufacturers from around the globe have been putting much efforts into the development of an efficient and independent mining equipment that eventually will boost the hashrate of mining process.

Bitfury Group is the largest private Bitcoin Blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company based in San-Francisco, USA. Recently the company has unveiled a crypto mining application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip dubbed the Bitfury Clarke. The newly introduced chip is getting ready for a mass production and the deployment expectations are high.

Commenting on the launch, Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov said:

“Bitfury is looking at all factors, including silicon packaging, chip efficiency, optimal power distribution, cooling designs and speed of development when designing our mining hardware. We think that this will lead to solutions that deliver the best ROI to our customers — regardless of ASIC size.”

Further BitFury described the 14nm Bitfury Clarke ASIC as “unparalleled in performance and efficiency.” And indeed, the chip, which is fully customized for SHA256 Bitcoin mining, boasts of 55 millijoules per gigahash (mJ/GH) power efficiency rate and up to 120 gigahashes per second (GH/s) hashrate. Additionally, it offers fully integrated controllable clock generation, integrated power-on-reset circuit, and comes in Pb-free 6×6 mm FCLGA 35L or FCLGA 4L packages. Supply voltage for Bitfury Clarke can go as low as 0.3 volts.

Moreover, the data sheet reveals that Bitfury Clarkehas optimized package size for smaller PCB designs. The ASIC can easily switch between two task buffers—one for SHA256 calculations while the other can be filled by “task write” command.

Apart from selling these chips, BitFury plans to integrate the Bitfury Clarke into the other BTC mining hardware owned by the company, including its mining servers and BlockBoxes. Bitfury is going to implement the new ASIC in its mining centers in Canada, Norway, Iceland and the Republic of Georgia.

Notably the Georgian mining plant established by Bitfury undertook an upgrade earlier this month. As Coinspeaker reported, the company equipped the cooling system empowering its 40-megawatt center located in Tbilisi with the most powerful two-phase immersion cooling (2PIC) technology, therefore cutting 95% of cooling cost while making the mining process more eco-friendly.

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