Midas.Finance: Creating More Utility and Demand

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Midas.Finance: Creating More Utility and Demand
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MidasDAO will play a role that takes similar to a venture capital organization, but with a deeper involvement in getting its backed protocols to succeed. 

The focus on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) yield offerings is growing on a daily basis and among the startups introducing solutions in this regard is Midas.Finance, a yield engine for participants in the MidasDAO. Per a detailed project description shared with Coinspeaker, the Midas.Finance protocol is an Avalanche-based automated treasury growth protocol with a central focus on upgrading the path for the future financial infrastructure of the world.

The MidasDAO hopes to call up a large pool of capital that will be managed in a decentralized manner, through strict adherence to the principle of legitimacy. MidasDAO enjoins participation from a wide range of DeFi enthusiasts, as the barriers to entry have been lowered considerably.

With the pooled funds, the MidasDAO will allocate funds to a number of yield generation protocols in order to return good financial value to its users, and $CROWN token holders. The model for the MidasDAO investment approach is quite simple and will allocate its pooled funds into high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk projects to generate revenue for the DAO. The platform is poised to invest in metaverse and Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming projects and invest in blue-chip assets in the form of tokens and passive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Diversification Plans for Midas.Finance

MidasDAO will play a role that takes similar to a venture capital organization, but with a deeper involvement in getting its backed protocols to succeed.

Besides its highlighted broad-based investments, the MidasDAO treasury has plans to invest in interest-bearing assets, and low-risk stable coins to ensure a steady flow of revenue to its token holders. These assets would be managed independently by investment experts at Midas.Finance as well as through specialized funds such as BlackPool. The aim here is to further diversify the streams of income that will guarantee a consistent payout to holders of the CROWN token

It is worthy of note that the ultimate plan by MidasDAO is such that it can encourage users to buy and hold THRONE node NFT and gain access to a variety of DeFi protocols on multiple chains by offering DeFi-as-a-Service. MidasDAO is also building out a revenue model through taxation which are proceeds split between the liquidity pool (80 percent allocation) and the treasury as extra marketing money (20 percent allocation).

The CROWN Token

As mentioned earlier, this is the native ecosystem token of the MidasDA/Midas.Finance protocol and it is designed as a Decentralized Reserve Currency pioneering the concept of Defi X: Full Stack Finance.

It is the CROWN tokens that will be staked by MidasDAO participants who wish to be a partaker of the profit accrual of the DAO, and the digital currency serves as the governance token of the entire protocol.

Thus far, a total of 1,016,830.56 CROWN tokens have been staked since inception atop a total value locked of $2,963,983. The MidasDAO protocol considers the success story of Uniswap (UNI) and other major liquidity aggregation protocols as unique and is aiming to get the CROWN tokens to trail similar growth paths in the near future.

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