Mocking Tesla’s Cybertruck is Easy, but Can You Do Better?

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by Teuta Franjkovic · 4 min read
Mocking Tesla’s Cybertruck is Easy, but Can You Do Better?
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Tesla says the Cybertruck that has made so much noise will go into production in late 2021. But it has already reached the widest coverage on social media.

Recently we had a wonderful chance to see a new Tesla truck, Cybertruck to be precise. And we were shocked. Hell, we were. The first reactions were – strange at least if we put it gently. And it is strange. The vehicle that looks more like a tank in Syria than some utility vehicle. Vehicle that looks like Lamborghini Countach took some steroids. Vehicle that looks like the driver is drunk Mel Gibson in Mad Max – in the 80’s!

Be it as it may, we are not the only ones who thought about teasing Elon. Yes, we are very well aware that the guy made incredible marketing on it and that these vehicles are selling like crazy. However, since we are jealous deep down in ourselves and yes, we would probably like to try driving it, we can only laugh at others mocking it.

As we all probably saw, the Cybertruck got smashed a bit when the chief designer Franz von Holzhausen threw a steel ball at its windows. It broke like an eggshell. However, let’s be real – all of this is thoroughly thought marketing strategy and Musk was very well aware of it – that every PR is good PR – especially if it’s made in a fun way (perhaps next time Miley Cyrus could hang on her wrecking ball and throw herself onto the car).

First it started with the toy company Lego who tweeted on Wednesday:

Lego’s post has been retweeted more than 21,000 times and sincerely, did you ever saw broken Lego brick? Me neither but it sure hurts when you step on it.

The second company to make fun of it was Pepsi who did its own version with a paper ball hitting a soda can with the caption “Demo day,” shortly after Cybertruck’s launch.

Last but not least was the Dubai Police who immediately had to have Cybertruck at its fleet and tweeted:

But there were other funny memes that represented Tesla’s new vehicle as a coffee maker, a pool, a baby Yoda’s drawing, or the Darth Wader’s vehicle.

Tesla also showed a video presenting the Cybertruck pulling a Ford F-150 pickup uphill. And immediately came Ford X vice president Sundeep Madra to tweet Musk, challenging the two vehicles to a tug-of-war contest. “Bring it on,” Musk said. Still, there is a legit question of – who are these 250,000 people who made orders on the new truck. Some say this vehicle could be popular among Robotaxi & RoboXYZ operators.

Rahul Sonnad of Tesla said the Cybertruck is ideal robotaxi because it has plenty of cargo space, has seating for 6, is super resistant, looks cool especially when added scratches, is bulletproof (to small bullets not the big steel balls), has great visibility and is very easy to spot. It will probably become popular among GenZ and hipster culture. Soccer moms could also like it – a bunch of children can fit.

Also, let’s be real – SF fanatics and Mad Max lovers would probably kill for one of those. Its design isn’t typical, it doesn’t have this likeability as for example Model 3. However, it is kind of sexy in its ugliness, isn’t it?

However, the presentation of the Cybertruck hasn’t turned out to be a factor that would make the company’s stock go to the moon (don’t you think that you have heard it somewhere else earlier?). Tesla finished trading in green on Thursday rising 0.72% to $331.29.

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