New Blockchain, DATx, to Eradicate Challenges in Advertising

Place/Date: Singapore - March 3rd, 2018 at 5:43 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Angeline Tan, Source:

DATx is a renovation against the current advertising industry, dedicated to building a new smart advertising ecosystem, with decentralization as the foundation and artificial intelligence as the power engine. DATx provides remote storage of user behavior data. Its core function enables users to store their behavior data in a decentralized network node, after which users can acquire and access the data anywhere. The user behavior archive mainly comprises a complete chain of user behavior records, allowing simulations of whole user personas to learn the business insights underlying the various user views, clicks and purchases of the publisher.

Given DATx’s needs for high-concurrency, low-delay transaction processing, there is a consideration to adopt delegate proof of stake consensus, known as DPOS consensus mechanism. In DATx, DPOS consensus mechanism comprises two parts: the first is to elect a group of block producers, while the second is to schedule production. Election process should exert to ensure the stakeholders eventually have control of the entire network. This is to prevent stakeholders from suffering significant losses in the event of network problems.

DATx addresses delay and data throughput issues with DPOS and parallel chains. At present, the DPOS remains robust and is safe even when dealing with fraud by a significant number of block producers. An algorithm that chooses block producers and verifies the quality of nodes guarantees the security of DPOS. The pro-voting process ensures that a person cannot even select a single producer, even with a 50% effective voting power. DPOS significantly reduces the number of participating verification and accounting nodes, so that second-level consensus verification can be achieved.

For programmatic ads, more critical issues include real-time decision deliveries, personalized delivery requirements, and large transactions. The DPOS consensus mechanism adopted by DATx is essential to transactions by continuing to reach consensus while processing more transactions than any other blockchain, thus demonstrating a dimension of extraordinary DATx advertising ecosystem.

In addition, DATx ad algorithm engine involves responding to massive amounts of ads and users in real time. The number of users is huge, their behavioral patterns, and their preferences for advertising content are also rich and diverse. Therefore, it is necessary for the algorithm engine to sort out the users with different features in a targeted manner. In this way, the order-led transaction can be promoted. Among the company’s proven technologies, Deep Neural Network (DNN) and Logistic Regression (LR) have been used to make offline sorting models, while online sorting models are updated online based on Reinforcement Learning (RL) intelligence to get the maximum return.

DATx core team members comprise over 80 engineers, product managers, architects and UEX experts, while other key members for the development of DATx include senior executives from Avazu. Its official cryptocurrency, DATx token, is now open for sale to institutional investors, with a total of 10 billion DATx tokens issued.