Eaze’s ‘Nod to Pay’ App Lets Google Glass Empty Your Bitcoin Wallet

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read

Eaze has launched a new beta of payment app ‘Nod to Pay’ for Google Glass Wearers.

Eaze has presented the beta of its new payments app called Nod to Pay. The new app for wearable technology uses voice and image recognition, as well as nodding gestures to realize payments.

The app, which was created for Google Glass, can be downloaded directly from Eaze. The company is focused on providing “frictionless payment solutions.”

Nod to Pay now supports Blockchain and Coinbase bitcoin wallets and Eaze is going to include additional wallets in the future.

Eaze co-founder, Raimo van der Klein, commented: “We are in talks with wallets that handle FIAT currencies. It all depends a bit on the right API’s. But we expect this summer to add the first.”

First, users have to use Glass’ camera to scan a QR code to connect their Bitcoin wallets. Then they have to speak the voice command “OK Glass, make a payment”.

After that the device scans the QR code from a point-of-sale (POS) application and the payment information appears on the Glass screen. Finally, in order to finish the transaction, the app users must nod (tilt the head) twice.

Eaze intends to implement additional security features, including spending limits and PIN authentication.

Google Glass project is just the beginning for Eaze. The startup is willing to bring the app to other wearables, including watches and jewelry.

Eaze co-founder Rutger van Zuidam said: “We are proud to be the first to bring a global payment solution to Google Glass. After our announcement of Nod To Pay in February, we worked hard to make our product available to the public.”

He added: “With the integration of Coinbase and Blockchain.info we have also answered to the request of the market by building not yet another wallet but by making existing wallets available on Glass.”

Google began selling Glass to the public only this week, although the concept has been around since 2012. The new app is now available in beta for US residents at a price of $1,500.

Eaze isn’t the first payment app made for Glass. Wallaby Financials created Pay With Wallaby app, which allows users to pay via QR code. New GlassPay app is under development now. Besides, Google will soon present Google Wallet to Glass.

Many developers now experiment with different digital wallets applications like smart glasses and smart watches.

Van der Klein, said: “We started with with Glass but we’re definitely looking into smart watches and other wearables, as well as connecting iBeacon technology.”

The number of new developments in this segment is likely to increase in the future.

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