Next-Generation Hardware Wallet Trezor Model T Is Now Available for Next-Day Shipping

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
Next-Generation Hardware Wallet Trezor Model T Is Now Available for Next-Day Shipping
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High level of security, user-friendly interface and firmware that enables easy coin-support make the new Trezor wallet a smart choice. Good news is that the customers no longer need to wait to get the safe place for their coins.

Cryptocurrencies keep on establishing new benchmarks of technical excellence in the financial sphere. Millions of people have already become owners of cryptocurrency – and that fact brings up the issue of storing coins. Trezor, the first hardware wallet and one of the leading players of the hardware wallet market, has the next-generation solution for all those people who are looking for a safe place for their tokens – with next-day shipping as a bonus.

Trezor Model T is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that has already attracted lots of customers owing to its solid security features and the potential to keep up with the rapidly evolving crypto market. This wallet is a great example of a product created by the company which listens to its customers. Model T combines all the advantages of the previous model Trezor One with the upgraded security features and more enhanced usability.

SatoshiLabsthe company that has created Trezor, has developed its reputation for the high quality of its products — and Model T is not an exception. The security of this hardware wallet is worth talking about. The Model T uses the same standard as the Trezor One and other hardware wallets for key derivation and backup, maintaining cross-compatibility. In fact, the standard for backups, BIP39, was co-invented by SatoshiLabs.

The device requires double authentication for transactions. The PIN code has to be entered to enable USB communications with the connected computer or mobile phone, while every transaction has to be physically authenticated. The physical layout of numbers changes every time one enters the code. This feature combined with the limited amount of entry tries enhances the security of the device and prevents accidental transactions.

Trezor Model T has set the new standard of usability for the company’s products. The previous model had two physical buttons – Model T replaces them with a bigger LCD color displays with on-screen keyboard. One more addition to better user experience is a new operating system Trezor Core. This OS is not only making Model T more user-friendly – it significantly simplifies the support of new coins.

It’s important to say, that the Model T is currently just at the beginning of the road, aiming to be much more than a hardware wallet. This open source platform offers lots of potential and space for third party development and this fact has already been highly rated by the crypto community. The open source nature also significantly increases confidence in the whole system.

The hardware wallet has lots of features which ensure the comfortable usage. The 12-word recovery seed phrase back-up system makes it possible to recover the wallet in case of damage or loss. The 5-star customer support is always ready to help the users.

Trezor has recently shared good news for all the customers who have not get Model T yet: the next generation wallet is available for the next-day shipping. The new offer is a perfect solution for people who want the next generation wallet here and now: order Trezor Model T and next day it will be already on the way to its owner.

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