Japan’s NRI Presents Its New Blockchain Security Tool, Becomes ConsenSys‘ Development Partner

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Japan’s NRI Presents Its New Blockchain Security Tool, Becomes ConsenSys‘ Development Partner
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Nomura Research Institute’s cybersecurity subsidiary revealed its new security tool called “Blockchain Security Monitoring Service” and confirmed its partnership with ConsenSys.

While the blockchain infrastructure is actively developing, such aspects as security and protection of privacy are still considered to be rather controversial and require to be enhanced in order to increase the level of confidence of the participants of the network.

NRI’s Blockchain Security Tool

Japanese Nomura Research Institute’s (NRI) subsidiary that is dealing with cybersecurity issues has revealed its newly developed blockchain security alert tool.

According to a recently published press release, this new tool named “Blockchain Security Monitoring Service” is aimed at increasing security of blockchain by detecting security vulnerabilities in information systems and services based on blockchain and reporting operators about the found vulnerabilities.

It is informed that firstly it is planned to use the “Blockchain Security Monitoring Service” to track contracts on Ethereum. It is also known that the offered security tools are based on the security log monitoring service “NeoSOC” which is able to track the way of functioning of concrete smart contracts and send notifications to the company if something goes wrong.

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that one of the available tools is a smart contract security diagnosis and analysis tool offered by ConsenSys Diligence Inc. The tool is called “Mythril” and can effectively discover security vulnerabilities.

Partnership with ConsenSys

The new development is not the only reason to speak about NRI today. As the organization has announced, it entered in a partnership with U.S. blockchain software company ConsenSys. So, NRI Secure has made a history becoming the first ConsenSys’ development partner in Japan.

NRI Secure is going to join forces with ConsenSys’ Diligence team with a view to expand its security offering. Tom Lindeman, co-founder of ConsenSys Diligence, expressed his excitement about their new partnership. He commented their common plans the following way:

“ConsenSys Diligence is extremely happy to forge a new partnership with NRI Secure, who are widely recognized as leaders in managed security services and also leading edge pioneers in the Ethereum blockchain security space. We plan to collaborate closely to bring powerful automated smart contract analysis services to customers worldwide and to further our shared goal of making Ethereum safer for everyone.”

It is planned that NRI Secure will further collaborate with ConsenSys and other companies and organization in Japan and from all over the world with a view to find various options of application of its tools and to increase the level of security within the entire blockchain environment.

ConsenSys’ Partnerships

In general it’s worth mentioning that a blockchain venture production studio ConsenSys is known for its great partnerships and significant contribution to the development of blockchain technology and application of tools built on its base.

For example, earlier this year ConsenSys has become a partner of the Chinese government with a view to create blockchain solutions for China’s “dream city”.

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