NVIDIA Inception Program to Push Cloud Computing Platform Ammut Ever Closer to Execution

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NVIDIA Inception Program to Push Cloud Computing Platform Ammut Ever Closer to Execution
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Ammut platform’s Ammut Network has been accepted into the NVIDIA Inception program and attracted investors to fastrack its further development.

Cloud computing has changed the way computer data is handled. Rather than having data stored at the computer a user works on, the required information is stored online on servers, and is readily available. Cloud computing gives another advantage: if the data is stored in a remote location, then that server can use its computing power to do the data crunching.

Ammut is a blockchain based platform that allows users to rent high end computing power to process their data. The platform is a problem solver that caters for machine learning, scientific calculations, computer graphics and other processing-heavy applications. Users can rent out computing power and use it to further their objectives.

The Ammut platform offers its users a hardware based, single board computer that is called Ammut Computing Unit (AmCU). It is designed specifically to cater for high end processing such as machine learning, graphic processing and AI. The platform’s Ammut Network interconnects all the AmCUs in the Ammut blockchain system.

The AmCU can take a task from the network if the renting power set by the user matches it. The whole Ammut Network coordinates tasks to the AmCUs through a client side user interface, called the Ammut Software. The Ammut Software takes commands and tasks from users and converts it into understandable commands that are executed on the Ammut Network and eventually, by the AmCU.

Ammut Network has been accepted into the NVIDIA Inception program. The NVIDIA Inception is an accelerator program by the graphic hardware company, NVIDIA. The accelerator, as the word suggests, helps startups and other firms fastrack through their crucial points in business development, such as product development, prototype phase and deployment of the product itself. The program is famous for hunting the most promising tech startups and helping them grow to new heights.

With Ammut accepted into the NVIDIA Inception accelerator, Ammut Network will be propelled to new heights. Ammut Network, Hardware Architect, Brian Ferguson emphasised the importance the NVIDIA Inception will play in Ammut Network:

“We believe wholeheartedly in our project and its potential, yet to get this vote of confidence from NVIDIA reinforces the strength of our concept. Their support will have a positive effect on the continued development of our project and provide increased value for our investors.”

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Startup head, Bruno Trentini was also excited to have Ammut as a member:

“I am thrilled to have Ammut Network on board the NVIDIA Inception Program and we look forward to helping them propel their business with our expertise in GPU-accelerated computing and Deep Learning.”

The Ammut Network’s sound model has already attracted investors, with backers who have already committed USD 4,000,000 towards the project. The accelerator help from NVIDIA will put the blockchain platform on the forefront of cloud processing and computing.

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