Optimism Price Page Confirmed on Coinbase

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by Babafemi Adebajo · 2 min read
Optimism Price Page Confirmed on Coinbase
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What’s interesting is that there is no Optimism token yet.

Several online investigators have confirmed that Coinbase has opened a new price page for Optimism token. The page was first noticed on Monday night by Tree of Alpha bots which scan for new pages on websites. Although the page shows no price data yet, the page exists. While it doesn’t appear in the search results, the pages can easily be accessed with a direct link.

What’s interesting is that there is no Optimism token yet. Also, no such token was included in the Coinbase token list published last week. However, there are indications that an Optimism token may very well be on the way. A few days ago, Optimism released a blog post suggesting a new chapter was beginning for the company.

In that post, the company listed its achievements including a transaction volume of over $17.4B in transaction volume and revenue of over $24.5M. Also, it noted that the next phase will be “driven by community ownership and governance.” This is suggestive of an intention to at least launch a digital asset.

Immediate Listing of Price Page a New Trend

A similar occurrence recently with Robinhood may have contributed to the spreading rumors. Recall that Robinhood created pages for Shiba Inu, Solana, and two other crypto tokens before eventually listing them. If this is not the case with Coinbase, the only other valid explanations are that an employee went rogue or Coinbase is simply testing the pages.

Previously, listing a token on Coinbase typically occurred months, and sometimes years after launching the token. However, in recent times, the approach seems to be different. Earlier in March when Yuga Labs launched the ApeCoin, the coin was immediately listed on several exchanges.

If this happens with the Optimism token, it may mean Coinbase is trying to be the first to list the coin. It should be remembered that the Coinbase wallet was also the first to offer support for the Optimistic Rollup.

UK Crypto Potential to Grow

In separate news, Coinbase executive, Faryar Shirzad, noted that the UK was uniquely positioned to become an industry leader. He further noted that the opportunity lay in combining the depth of the capital markets with fintech leadership, standard regulatory practice, and innovative dynamism.

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