Pancakeswap And Metacryp – Two Platforms With Features Similar To The Ethereum Blockchain

October 23rd, 2022 at 12:43 pm UTC · 4 min read

The number of crypto networks operational in the coin market is rising daily. The first crypto network, Bitcoin, remains the most prominent platform by market cap. Other crypto blockchains like Ethereum and Binance take the place of second and third.

Ethereum, created following Bitcoin’s success, introduced smart contracts to the crypto space. With this innovation, developers could build and implement decentralized applications on the network. Smart contracts also lead to the creation of crypto projects like Metacryp.

This article will focus on the Metacryp project. It will give an overview of the project, its features, and how to buy its native token during the presale. We will also compare Metacryp with Ethereum and Pancakeswap.

Pancakeswap And Metacryp – Two Platforms With Features Similar To The Ethereum Blockchain

Origin Of Metacryp

Metacryp is a project built and operated on the Binance Smart Chain network. It intends to utilize its unique features to power its metaverse. What makes the Binance Smart Chain the best blockchain to host Metacryp? Let’s discuss some key elements of the Binance network.

Why Binance Is A Wise Choice

The Binance project started operations on Ethereum thanks to its smart contract functionality. It launched its native blockchain about 2 years later. Since then, Binance has rapidly grown in size and utilities.

Binance has tons of decentralized applications operating as centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. It also has projects like Metacryp that intend to leverage its network for success.

One noteworthy feature of Binance is its solution to scalability issues faced by projects in the crypto space. Binance is a proof-of-stake network managed by stakeholders functioning as transaction validators.

Pancakeswap And Metacryp – Two Platforms With Features Similar To The Ethereum Blockchain

With this innovation, Metacryp (MTCR) token holders can also stake the BEP-20 tokens and become stakeholders. As stakeholders, they can earn passive stake-to-earn rewards over a long period.

Additionally, thanks to its excellent scalability, transaction fees in the Binance ecosystem are shallow. This impact on Metacryp users is that they can enjoy interacting with the platform without high costs.

Another noteworthy feature Metacryp users will enjoy from the Binance proof-of-stake functionality is low transaction speeds. With the ability to complete transactions in less than 4 seconds, Metacryp users will enjoy seamless interaction with the platform.

Additional Features Of Metacryp

The Metacryp ecosystem will be filled with persons from diverse cultures, lands, and walks of life. These individuals can interact seamlessly through the Metacryp virtual world. Virtual social gatherings, tourism, and long-lasting relationships will feature the Metacryp platform.

Metacryp users can also earn rewards when playing the ecosystem games. In summary, Metacryp will be the most significant social community hosted on blockchain technology. It provides users with a fully customizable environment that mimics the natural world and an opportunity to make money.

Metacryp Next To PancakeSwap And Ethereum

Pancakeswap has been on the Binance Smart Chain network longer than Metacryp. It operates as a decentralized crypto exchange facilitating the swapping of BEP-20 tokens. Its native cryptocurrency, “CAKE,” is used to pay fees when transacting on its DEX.

Once Metacryp launches, it will be listed on Pancakeswap. Metacryp will have its liquidity pool on Pancakeswap, allowing users to swap and stake tokens. The Metacryp project will deposit 5% of its 500 million tokens as liquidity on Pancakeswap and other crypto exchanges.

Ethereum is a separate blockchain. While its operations are distinct from Metacryp, it sure has certain similarities. First, they are both decentralized projects with native crypto assets. Hence, validators on their networks will receive rewards in the native token.

Metacryp Token Presale

The total amount of MTCR tokens created is 500 million. The presale will sell 10% of this supply to its crypto community. Metacryp started its presale on August 4, 2022. Its ongoing phase 2 will run till 20th September 20, 2022, while phase 3 will run till December 14th, 2022.

To buy the presale, visit the website and access the presale portal. Register on the platform with your email and complete the purchase with the selected crypto deposit.

All participants are entitled to a 32% bonus on their first purchase and a 42% bonus on the second purchase. When participants share their referral link with other users, they and the new users are entitled to a $100 reward. They receive this bonus when the new user makes a $400 purchase.

Build your getaway life in your favorite location just as you like it with Metacryp. Joining the Metacryp presale allows you to buy the MTCR tokens while it’s cheap. Purchase the Metacryp token from the website.

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