Patron Launches Token Event and Announces Major Partnerships

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Patron Launches Token Event and Announces Major Partnerships
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Patron, an influencer marketing platform based in Japan, has recently started its TGE offering a 35% bonus to early contributors.

Having raised 15 Million USD in its private and pre-sale rounds, Japanese blockchain-based influencer marketing platform Patron has recently launched its public token generation event (TGE), which is currently live. The event has officially started on March 27, 2018, and will run until April 26, with a special 35% bonus for early contributions.

The Patron public TGE is set to become one of the leading token event projects out of Japan. Since launching the pre-sale event, Patron has embarked on a global road tour that has included stops in Dubai and the United States. The team will continue on a global campaign aiming to create an international community that would include brands, influencers, and supporters. The platform’s launch was followed by Patron’s next development steps, such as increasing the speed, securing exchanges, attracting partners and strategic investors.

The company’s team is also proud to announce the platform’s exchange listings, including KuCoin, a leading exchange out of Hong Kong, which is going to list Patron’s native PAT tokens early May. The team had already announced HitBTC as the first official exchange to list PAT tokens.

Patrons advisor, David Allen Cohen, is leading the company to officially explore Hashgraph, a next-gen distributed public ledger, where David also works as an advisor. This will lead to a significant increase in speed, as well as strengthening the security for all transactions within the platform.

During the company’s road tour, the team has recently visited New York and California, where they met with strategic partners, investors, and major media. Moreover, the Patron’s team members were interviewed at the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq in Times Square.

Among the other Patron’s steps on the way to a successful TGE should also be noted the company’s new addition to the advisory board. Shintaro Akita is the CEO of Global Energy Holdings and serial entrepreneur in Japan. Akita joins a high profile board that includes David Allen Cohen and Keith Teare.

Patron is also going to secure a premier sponsorship with an upcoming national television broadcast in the USA, the program which will highlight the blockchain space.

The Patron’s team is very excited about the company’s recent raise of 15 Million USD, aiming to continue progressing on both internal and external levels. New key partnerships, hires, as well as conversations with global lenders in business and entertainment, are all good signs of future success.

Built by local influencers in Japan, Patron represents itself a platform which offers a clean and transparent solution to both finding and booking influencer talent around the world, a global blockchain project looking to capitalize on the global influencer marketing industry. The platform will include both a web and mobile application, with the web app being released as soon as Q1 2018. Currently, Patron is running a global token event to attract crowdfunding support.

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