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Paytomat Receives 100,000 WAVES from Waves Lab Incubator

UTC by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Paytomat Receives 100,000 WAVES from Waves Lab Incubator
Photo: Paytomat

Paytomat, a multi-currency payment solution, has recently acheived 100,000 WAVES from Waves Lab Incubatoras a seed funding for further development.

Multi-currency payment solution Paytomat is the latest startup to be accepted by the Waves Lab Incubator. Having recently acheived 100,000 WAVES as a seed funding, the company starts the development of its decentralized crypto payments project on the Waves platform. Waves Lab assists new projects on the Waves platform to facilitate initial development via seed funding and advisory support, and will cooperate with Paytomat to complete a review of its technical architecture, token economics and market viability.

Ukraine-based Paytomat can also look forward to soft services, such as networking opportunities, skilled advisors, and access to international private funds and invesments. Waves Lab will also provide legal consultation on its PTI token, ensuring that its model is law compliant and well specified in all legal documentation. As promotion and marketing is extremely important for a successful blockchain startup, Waves Lab will also advise on Paytomat’s communications strategy, assisting the company in reaching out to prominent opinion leaders and social influencers.

Waves Lab was pleased to welcome Paytomat to join other projects working to solve real-world problems. It said that Paytomat would help bridge crypto use and real-life application to benefit businesses, users and crypto creators:

“They have a powerful team of crypto entrepreneurs and blockchain experts, and I believe they will disrupt the whole payment industry”.

Paytomat CEO, Yurii Olentir, revealed that they were fortunate to be part of Waves Labs and had already begun working with experts from there on auditing Paytomat’s startup strategy and long-term planning:

“The Waves Lab market expertise and resources will be a valuable asset for Paytomat’s successful token sale, and the substantial early funding gets us to an amazing kick-off.”

This year, Paytomat will focus on expanding to international markets, while working on their mobile wallet app for Android web payments e-commerce. In the latter half of 2018, they expect to release a mobile wallet app for iOS and launch the loyalty program.

Paytomat will kick off a round of crowd funding with a public pre-sale of its PTI tokens (hard capped at 17,555,000 PTI) on April 2, 2018, which will run until April 18, 2018. Interested contributors should register for a whitelisting process. All support requests are available round the clock on the company’s official Telegram channel, while updates will be published on its Twitter account. Once the platform has been launched, two new digital assets come into play: PTM coin and PTX token.

Paytomat vendors, developers and merchants will benefit from a program based on its own PTM coin, available whenever they accept crypto payments, while consumers will earn PTX loyalty tokens when paying in crypto. Currently, the Paytomat wallet accepts four different cryptocurrencies and has already partnered with over 150 merchants.

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